10 Must-Haves: Our Favorite Winter Workout Gear

It may be tempting to chill and drink eggnog every day in December because Christmas is nigh (!), but that’s probably not for the best. Why wait until January 1st to get fit, when you can stay fit?

I certainly will be keeping up with my workouts and refuse to get sucked into a holiday hole to make sure I am feeling confident for all those holiday parties and feeling energized to head to the gym when no one’s there – someone had to say it!

That being said, it’s probably not smart to workout in your summer gear – especially if you live in a place where winters are especially brutal. Whether you workout in a gym, studio or outdoors, here is some winter workout gear we’re obsessed with that will keep you toasty and comfortable.

1. Derek Lam 10C Athleta Collaboration 2 N 1 Town Parka $248

winter workout gear 1

This collaboration between Derek Lam and Athleta was one of the most talked about in recent months. The combination of beautiful high fashion silhouettes with functional athletic fabrics and design is one worth investing in.


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