3 Basic Exercises for Energy

Crunches for energy

It’s hard to fit an exercise routine into your already busy schedule. If you only have time for a short exercise each day then these three basic exercises will be perfect for you.

These three basic exercises will give you a burst of energy you need to get through your day and will also burn all the unwanted calories.

It has been said more than once that short workouts are considered highly productive compared to longer ones. This is because you are confined to perform to your best abilities during shorter workouts. This promotes your overall health and energy levels too.

Compound Movements

Compound movements require you to use more than one of your muscles as compared to isolation movements which only require you to utilize one muscle group. Which basic exercises that don’t require a lot of time and are excellent for energy it’s best to do compound movements. It’s better for your body and you’re getting more with less time committed. The three best compound movements to use for energy and overall muscle health are squats, dead lift and clean & press.


Doing at least fifteen minutes of cardio each morning when you wake up will give you an enormous boost of energy and make you feel ready for the day ahead. Walking, jogging or running will pump blood and move oxygen through your body and wake you up instantly, especially if you feel yourself getting tired in the middle of the day. It’s easy to squeeze in a short walk or jog in the morning when you wake up or during your lunch break at work.

Morning Bend, Wall Angel & Side Crunch

These quick and easy exercises can be done virtually anywhere that you are at. We understand that it’s hard to get in proper exercise during each day and even harder to get through a day without feeling tired.

The morning bend is the perfect “wake-me-up” in the morning. It’s easy to do too and can be done on your way out the door to work. All you have to do is put your hands behind your head, bend forward until your back is in a parallel position, hold it for a few seconds and come back up. Repeat this as many times as you want. It’s the best way to get your blood pumping and your body moving each morning.

The wall angel can be done before you head out the door for your day too or can be done while you’re at work. It’s pretty simple to do and extremely effective. Stand against a wall with your spine touching it from shoulders to hips, then raise arms parallel to the floor. Keeping arms and back against the wall rotate arms upward as far as you can, then down to starting position. Repeat this a few times until you feel that burst of energy.

The side crunch is absolutely perfect to do while you’re sitting in your chair at the office or while you’re stuck in traffic. Sit on a chair with your hands behind your head. Press your elbows straight back to stretch your chest and open up your lungs, then bend sideways at the waist to crunch to your left. Come back up and repeat again.

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