3 Healthy Reasons to Love April Fool’s Day

Healthy April Fool

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April Fool’s!

We got you good right. Round of applause for our hilarious side…maybe? Clearly we have a little jokester in us which is a good thing when it comes to our health.

As you know, laughter is a great form of medicine and it only seems appropriate to laugh out loud on such an esteemed holiday as April Fool’s Day.

Here are the healthy benefits of letting loose and taking on the joke-filled holiday:

1. Pulling pranks is good for bonding. Humor is an instant ice breaker and you can build social relationships with the gentle fun. Despite the initial moment of uncomfortableness, teasing can help you connect with others and gain a sense of trust.

2. Having a good laugh (even on someone else’s behalf) can provide stress relief. Vent built up energy and tension by putting a whoopee cushion on a chair! Humor diminishes day-to-day tensions. Maybe we should pull pranks every day.

3. April Fool’s Day is a great time to remind your friends that you are young at heart. Being a prankster for a day is the perfect time to embrace your inner child!

Are you a prankster? How much do you love to laugh?

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