3 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes (Yes, It’s Possible)

3 Healthified Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving food coma commencing in three, two, one…

That will NOT be you this year.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, Americans from California to Connecticut are loosening a notch on their belts to consume an extra large serving of daily calories on Turkey Day. The dizzying smells of butter, glistening on mounds of mashed potatoes; the sight of plump, brown-edged biscuits, fresh from the oven; the creamy triple-chocolate pecan pie just begging for room on your plate – it’s more seductive than you think, and the attraction is soon consummated. The next time you’re conscious, you find yourself reaching for leftover stuffing and cold, congealed cranberry sauce. The vicious cycle is complete.

The trick to having a healthier Thanksgiving begins with your own contributions to the meal. So we here at Bite Size Wellness present three healthy T’giving recipes that might allow you – and your loved ones – to enjoy the holiday without all the catastrophic caloric consequences. Get in the kitchen, get your hands dirty, work up your appetite, and savor the results!

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