3 Ways To DePuff Those Puffy Eyes

3 Ways to De-Puff Puffy Eyes

You know what is not cute? Puffy eyes.

I hate them. They make you look tired, worn down, and can mask your true natural beauty.

That’s why after years of waking up with puffy, swollen, tired-looking eyes I have dominated how to reduce them, and even better, avoid them all together!

However, understanding what causes something is the first step in prevention, so listen up.

Why Do Your Eyes Get Puffy?

The skin around your eyes is very thin and rich with blood vessels, which is why it is such a sensitive region. And because it is so sensitive, many things can cause your eyes to puff up – fluid retention, allergies, stress, hormonal changes and of course, a good ol’ fashioned cry fest.

As your body reacts to certain emotions and bodily changes, more blood flows through the eyes causing swelling. Crying on the other hand, strains your eyes which in turn produces inflammation. Of course, we can’t control things like allergies and stress, but we can control some factors. Excessive alcohol drinking, sodium intake, and staying up too late at night are all things we very much have control over.

These three factors all cause water retention in your body – never a good look for us ladies. So, if you’d rather wake up in the morning with a fresh face, perhaps reconsider that next glass of vino!

How to De-Puff the Puff

However, if you’ve overdone it a little (hi, New Year’s Eve) and the puff cannot be avoided, here are a few at-home remedies that should take the swelling down.

Chill out!

Wrap some ice in a thin, clean towel and place over your eyes. The cold will help shrink the blood vessels around your eyes. Don’t let the ice sit for too long though or you risk the chance of bursting your capillaries. Not really the desired effect.

Shrink inflamed blood vessels AND smell great with essential oils. 

Combine 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil with 1 teaspoon Olive Oil then rub onto your eye area. Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties which ultimately cause the blood vessels around your eye to constrict while still making you look awake and alert.

Not only is this gentle on your skin, but the natural caffeic acids will continue to de-puff your eye as the day goes by!

Taking tea to a whole new level!

Take 2 caffeinated tea bags (I like green or white teas because they don’t stain your skin) and follow these simple steps:

  • Run your tea bags under a light stream of water for a few minutes. Squeeze any excess water out then place in the freezer for 5 minutes.
  • Once chilled, lie down and place a tea bag over each eye for 20 minutes. Rinse your face afterwards and then catch of glimpse of your bright eyes in the mirror. So simple I bet you barely be-leaf it!

And boom! Bye-bye puff, hello wide eyed and fresh-faced beautiful you!

Have any more at-home remedies you’d like to share? Leave them in the comment section below.

photo credit: maryaben via photopin cc


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