4 Simple Ways to Get Young Looking Skin

These days, young looking skin is hard to come by. With all of the wear and tear we put on our bodies, it’s no wonder we don’t age even faster. Consider the effects of the changing of the seasons – cold weather, direct sunshine and humidity; consider the effects of the food we eat – processed and genetically modified foods with preservatives; and consider the way we take care of ourselves – jumping into bed without removing makeup. When you take everything into consideration that may affect our skin, it’s not difficult to see a few changes we can make to get younger looking skin.

Drink More Water

By far, the easiest way to combat aging, rough, or broken out skin is to drink more water. Most people don’t actually drink enough on a daily basis, and thus starts a huge problem with skin clarity. Every organ in our body needs a sufficient amount of water to function properly and efficiently – our dermis (the outer layer of the skin) is no exception. In fact, the dermis will push impurities to the surface when the body is in need of a hydrating cleanse. What does that look like? Breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles, to name a few.

Wear Sun Protection

Blemishes and sun spots will appear quickly and become darker with continual exposure if you don’t do what you need to do to protect your skin. Wear SPF on your skin whenever you’re in the sun; most importantly, make sure that the moisturizer that you use on your face has SPF in it, since your face has constant exposure to the elements.

Eliminate Processed Foods

As time goes on, doctors and nutritionists are starting to realize the effects of eating genetically modified and processed foods, and skin clarity is one of them. These processed foods contain additives and preservatives that cause inflammation in the human body – a major contributor to unhealthy skin. Eat clean and limit the amount of sugar you take in, and you’ll see a drastic improvement in your skin quality.

Cleanse and Moisturize Daily

Daily maintenance is required if you’d like your skin to remain healthy and young looking. This includes removing any make up added, cleansing the skin thoroughly with an organic and scentless cleanser, and then added a SPF moisturizer to hydrate the outside of the skin. Remember that not using a moisturizer will cause the skin to dry out exponentially, which will cause dry skin, breakouts and extreme aging.

Make sure that your body and skin remain hydrated, eliminate processed foods, protect your skin from the sun, and cleanse your skin daily, and you’ll quickly find you’re on your way to younger looking skin.


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