4 Ways to Get Awesome Arms

How to Get awesome arms

Aside from having toned and flat abdomen, well-sculpted arms add to your physical appearance. This is the reason why most people strive to keep their arms stronger and toned, which complement a sleeveless shirt or strapless dress. Having gorgeous arms also improve your strength, in addition to making you appear sexier. So, apply these 4 ways to get awesome arms and be confident about showing off those guns!

Yoga Poses for Better Arms


pushups for better arms

This is a great exercise that does everything from toning your abdomen and your arms as you lift and lower your body in every move. As easy as this movement may seem, this can be quite tough to do for first-timers. After all, you will need to have stronger arms to even lift yourself off the floor, even if it is only a few inches up. With that in mind, you need to fully engage your core muscles and strengthen your arms and legs to complete the move.

If this exercise is difficult for you to do, you may start by kneeling and keeping both hands on the floor. Lower your torso and try to lift it up. Do at least 10 repetitions of this exercise until you will be able to progress slowly to the regular pushup.

Supported Hand Stand

Supported Handstand
Supported Handstand

As the term implies, this exercise will require you to stand on your hand, which means your body is in an inverted position. The standard hand stand may be tough for beginners, so you can begin with a modified version by using a wall to support your feet. With the wall at least 24 inches behind you, bend forward and place both hands on the ground. Then, slowly walk your feet up to the wall behind you until you form an inverted “L” position. If you can, walk your feet a few more inches upwards, and you will be able to feel some pressure on your arms. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds before going gently back to your starting position.

Dead Lifts

Deadlift exercise
Female performing deadlift exercise with weight bar.

This is an excellent arm exercise that does not only work your arms, but your quads, buttocks and thighs, as well. Naturally, you will need weights for this exercise, and be sure to choose the weight that you are comfortable carrying. However, it should not be too light since this will not help at all in shaping and strengthening your muscles. Too heavy weights are not also advisable as these can just strain your body. Once you have found the right weight to lift, simply stand straight with your feet at least 12 inches apart. Then, lower your body gently to lift the weights with one on each hand. Keep your gaze forward and lengthen your spine as you go down. As you lift each weight, avoid stooping or bending forward. Make sure your spine maintains its natural curve by using your leg muscles every time you go up.

Frog Hop

frog hop exercise

An easy exercise, you can start with an all-fours position while curling your toes under. Slowly and gently, lift your knees at least one inch off the floor. Imagine yourself as a frog ready to hop as you do this pose. Moreover, you will need to bend your elbows and maintain a slightly tucked position to keep your spine safe. Try to do about 10 repetitions of this exercise to strengthen your arms, buttocks, abs and legs.

Getting great-looking arms is never difficult – even when you exercise at the comfort of your own home. Try these workouts now and expect to achieve amazing arms that are stronger and toned than ever!

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