5 Most Shocking Probable Causes of Mental Illness


causes of metal illness

Mental illness affects many people around the world. While the primary culprits are environmental, genetic, and substance abuse, some people still suffer due to unimaginable and bizarre reasons. People might have lost their right mind for just visiting the ancient city of Jerusalem or drinking too much coffee. Mental illness is something that should be taken seriously, especially for pregnant or nursing mothers and their babies.

Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee drinkers would tell you how good it makes them feel. They are right. In fact, people suwho drink coffee are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who don’t, because of the ability to reduce sugar levels in the blood. But coffee drinkers have to be careful how many cups of their favorite drink they should empty into their stomach on a daily basis. Excessive consumption of coffee can induce a temporary mental illness, due to caffeine intoxication which is a well-known disorder in the field of psychiatry. Drinking too much coffee can lead to restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, gastrointestinal upset, irregular heartbeat, and sleeplessness. Coffee drinkers who exhibit three or more of these symptoms are diagnosed of caffeine intoxication and can be at risk of mental illness.

Owning A Cat During Childhood

Cats can be good companions, and many parents usually want their kids to have one at a very young age. Owning cats have been linked to mental illness including bipolar and schizophrenia. Also, family members who came into constant contact with litter trays used by the cat are also at risk of developing bipolar disorders and sudden rage later in their life.

Reference: Is your Cat Making You Mentally Ill?

Cat child ownership is a possible risk factor for developing schizophrenia or other serious mental illness in the future. Read more about the early stages of schizophrenia. The main culprit is the parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii, which can be passed on to human from their cats. People exposed to this parasite at an early age may not exhibit any symptoms until they become adults. People with weakened immune systems might suffer from blindness, miscarriages, and flu-like illnesses, and fatal developmental disorders.

Sexual Abuse

When it comes to the issue of sex, most people would want to consent before they get involved. Sexual assault and mental illness have a connection where sufferers find it hard to live the normal life they are used to, and they can’t control it. Child sexual abuse is widespread, however, and is regarded as one of the leading causes of mental problems in young women. A girl that has been raped by someone close to her might slide into a dangerous mental disorder that can last for a life time.

Apart from rape, child molestation, incest, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual abuse can also lead to permanent mental health conditions in individuals. Adults and male children can also develop a mental illness due to sexual abuse and molestation when it leads to depression, loneliness, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and so on.

Not Breastfeeding or Talking to the Baby

Babies are adorable but at the same time very fragile. They are little humans with very tiny parts who need a lot of care and attention for them to grow into strong and healthy adults. Surprisingly, babies are very prone and exposed to mental illness more than you can ever imagine.

Parents, especially pregnant and nursing mothers must make sure they treat any diseases they have, to protect the infant from contacting it. Not breastfeeding the baby for a long time can lead to mental illness due to the shortage of supply of glucose, which is the major food for the brain. Babies also need to be talked to as a vital part of their mental development.

Talking to a baby will help them develop better communication and interaction capabilities which is needed for proper growth and mental health.

Visiting Jerusalem

Have you heard of the Jerusalem Syndrome? This is not a phrase from a science fiction novel but an actual mental illness that affects about 100 people every year. Visiting Jerusalem is an uncommon cause of mental illness that results in victims thinking they are the messiah sent to save the world. It is a religiously themed obsessive idea and delusion that grips foreigners on the streets, making them start misbehaving.

Mental illnesses need to be taking seriously. Parents should care for their babies by giving them proper nutrition, and offer them love and care. People who suffer traumatic sexual abuse should be supported and provided with the necessary clinical treatments that will make them feel better.


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