5 Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets you Should Know

There are plenty of tips and tricks we’d love to borrow from our celebrities with weight loss secrets being on top of the list. Those celebrities you see on your screens were not born perfect. They undergo the same weight loss struggle as everyone else. Throughout the years, they have picked up a lot of secrets and put on extra effort to get in shape and stay that way. Baby weight can’t be lost by a mere quick gym routine a few times a week. For celebrities, they spend a good part of their lives focusing on intense fitness regimens and sticking to a strict diet in order to look perfect at all times. However, for a person who is not a public figure, this can turn out to be stressful due to our busy schedule. As a result, below we’ve compiled five celebrity weight loss secrets you should know.

Add Pilates to Workouts

Pilates is meant to tighten and strengthen your body. The routine focuses on slow and controlled movements rather than high cardio moves. It brings out muscle mass you’ve never seen before. Lucy Liu, Victoria’s Secret Models, Jennifer Aniston, and even Madonna, all have hailed the virtues of Pilates and the physical results it brings to the body.

Pilates burns calories in a way less damaging to your joints and muscles than running or heavy lifting. Furthermore, finding an instructor who really understands what you want your body to look like can help too. Plus, this workout is suitable for anyone regardless of age or experience.

Eat Salad More and Carbs Less

Many celebrities approve salad as a postpartum weight loss remedy. You’re advised to avoid carbs, especially at dinner, although that doesn’t mean you avoid eating carbs altogether. If you are looking to lose weight, you should eat around 50 to 150 g of carbs daily. Also, you can opt for a low-carb diet which restricts intake of carbohydrates such as sugars and starches. Because our bodies require carbs for energy, you should choose healthy carb sources such as oats, sweet potatoes or quinoa for breakfast or lunch. Increasing your veggies intake or including them in every menu can help in cutting extra weight. Additionally, eating carb in the morning helps your body burn off the carbs throughout the day. Avoid them at night and go for vegetables and proteins.

Focus on Building Muscle

You should start focusing more on strength training rather than running. Strength training adds lean muscle mass which burns fat and prevents excess body fat. The excess body fat is associated with weight gain and heart disease. You might be avoiding lifting weights because you’re convinced you will bulk up. But having your personal trainer who knows the limit that you want to go can greatly help. This is because he will be able to design a program that fires your metabolism and helps build your muscle shape instead of bulking. The workout requires short duration but high-quality intense regimen for excellent weight loss.

Find Workout Buddies

People complain of how they can’t afford personal trainers and how it’s easy for celebrities to lose weight. However, if you spend your morning hours with your friends strolling through the park, eating cupcake muffins and drinking coffee latte, how will the weight gain come about? Since most of us have limited time, then you should put extra effort in the little time you have to work out with a group of people who have the same goals as you. These friends should push you more in achieving your desired weight. You should all agree that if you are going to work out, then it should be the main focus and you should do it properly. Nevertheless, if you can’t achieve this from your friends, then you can consider hiring a trainer. It can be expensive but at the end of it, it will change your life forever.

Give in to Your Cravings Occasionally

Looking amazing all year round can be hard especially when the cravings begin to kick in. Even your favorite celebrity doesn’t look amazing all year long. Most celebrities when they need to get in shape, they practice moderate dieting, sticking to a healthy diet and exercising. They make adjustments now and then to get in shape and drop a few extra pounds. You can’t be 100 percent perfect and allowing yourself to indulge in a craving can benefit your diet by preventing larger scale bingeing later.


Weight loss involves a series of things from a healthy diet to exercise to self-discipline. You can’t achieve weight loss doing the same workout which isn’t yielding any result. You should adjust to new changes and see if it will help you get in shape.

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