5 Foods That Slow the Skin Aging Process

Our bodies age naturally. It’s an occurrence that we spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to slow down, many times with less than satisfying results. Countless products are bought, surgeries are performed and changes are sought to make us look younger, when all we really need to do (aside from taking good care of our bodies) is eat the right foods. Food will either hurt you or help you; it’s either medicine or poison. If you eat the right foods, over time you’ll notice your skin looks stays healthier and ages slowly, not quickly.


Bust out the oatmeal for breakfast, because now you have a really great reason to eat it: this complex carbohydrate is great for your bodies and your skin. Oats are low glycemic, so they don’t spike your blood sugar like simple, refined carbs do. Your body doesn’t like the up and down of refined carbohydrates, and the result is usually acne, blemishes and wrinkles. Not only do oats avoid this up and down mechanism, they also contain a chemical found in plants that helps prevent the breakdown of skin cells.


The two keys to skin enhancement with oranges lies in the hydration factor and the Vitamin C factor. Oranges are loaded with water, which most people don’t drink enough of anyway – but water is great for flushing out toxins in the skin. Oranges are also high in Vitamin C, the vitamin that helps your body make collagen, which in turn, makes your skin more supple.


Fifteen years ago, foods like avocados worked against our health and skin, so we thought. No fat can actually be good, right? Well, that’s wrong. Avocados are a healthy fat, and a great one to help your skin stay hydrated and absorb much needed nutrients. All great things for your body and your skin.

Lean Beef

Our bodies need protein, so why not give the best quality protein? Protein, among other things, is another great collagen helper. Having 2-4 servings of high quality, lean beef is great for our bodies because it gives us amino acids and helps fuel our bodies, and it’ll also keep your skin young.


Another food that has a plethora of benefits is salmon; and benefits don’t stop internally. Salmon is one of the very best ways for the body to get healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for keeping skin cancer cells from growing and spreading.

What we’ve found is that these foods that are great for slowing the skin again process are also great foods for the body in many other ways, as well. Feed your body the foods that you know will help your body; you’ll be able to feel the results internally, and you should be able to see results externally.





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