5-Minute Fat Burners

The thing is, you might want to lose some weight, but your hectic schedule seems to prevent you from doing some workouts to achieve your goals. If only there is a way to slim down and burn fat without the need for long hours at the gym. Perhaps, this is one of your secret wishes, right? Fortunately, there are 5-minute fat burners that work effectively in giving you a toned and sculpted body while keeping your weight within the normal range. Check out these exercises and reap amazing benefits to your health, weight and appearance.


Basic Plank

The plank is a great fat-burner that also helps shape and tone your arms, abs, and even your legs! What’s more, there are variations and modifications that you can do to meet your particular needs and level of strength. You may begin by doing the standard plank, which is basically a position that resembles the starting point of a military pushup. Instead of bending your elbows, though, your forearms remain straight. Then, your body should achieve a plank-like appearance with your spine, back and buttocks straight.

For additional challenge, you can do the side plank. From the standard plank position, transition by leaving your body supported by one arm and hand, and place the other arm on your waist or let it point upward. Shift your feet from having the toes touching the ground to a position that allows the sides of your feet resting against the floor. This exercise helps strengthen your core muscles, plus you will feel the burn as you go to the side plank pose. Read More – Crossfit vs BootCamp



Great for working your thighs and legs, this exercise also supercharges your body’s fat-burning action. Simply step one leg forward and be sure to bend your knees as you lower the body into a regular lunge. Hold the pose for 5 seconds before going up and into the starting position. Do the same pose to the other leg, and try to complete at least 10 repetitions for this exercise.

Triangle Pose

triangle yoga pose

This is a popular yoga pose for weight loss purposes since it helps burn fat more efficiently while keeping your legs and arms stronger. Most importantly, this exercise is easy to do, and you can perform this in at least 5 minutes. To begin, stand with your feet several inches apart. Extend your arms to the sides, and you may maintain the same distance for your feet. Reach your right arm to the right side and gently lower your hand to the floor. As for the left arm, raise it high and keep your gaze to it.  Next, extend your left arm to the left side and gently lower it to your left calf. Bend your body to the left and let your right arms extend to the left side. Then, you need to make at least 3 repetitions for this pose, and you will feel a stretch on your waist, hips and thighs as you perform this exercise.

These are excellent fat burners that are not only easy to do, but they are also effective in keeping your body stronger and slimmer. With the right diet and these simple exercises, you can welcome a healthier new you – with a nice, toned body that you love!


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