5-Minute Daily Workout Routines to Stay Fit

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You can reap the benefits of a workout in sessions as short as five minutes. This probably applies in cases where you’re always running out of time to exercise and you need to stay fit. Exercising for those few minutes daily can make a big difference and it’s totally worth it. For non-exercisers, they find setting aside five minutes daily as a big deal. However, if you’re serious about achieving your weight goals and staying that way, then you need to find time to exercise. Below are 5-minute daily workout routines to stay fit.

Standard Squat

Squats take the shortest time out of an entire workout session. It forces your brain to actively participate. In case you’re stressed from work, this routine kicks out such feeling. While squatting you need to ensure that you have the correct foot placement, focus on even weight distribution and keep your back high and straight.

Squatting involves squeezing your glutes. Plus, you need to pause at the change of direction to prevent momentum from building up. You can place your hands on the wall to modify the moves if needed. Thirty squat daily take about 30 seconds of your day. You will get in shape at a short period of time.

Full Body Firm and Burn

With overscheduled and overstressed society, we fail to stick to a workout routine just because we don’t have time. This is an excuse that can be avoided since everyone can spare five minutes meaning everyone can fit in an effective fat burning routine and stay fit. The process involves multitasking moves with a built-in warm-up and little to no rest in between exercises. Here you will need dumbbells of three to fifteen pounds and a mat (optional). Then do a set of exercise back to back with a little or no rest in between moves. This routine is effective on its own or you can incorporate a complete cardio and strength workout.

Chair Dip

Chair dip takes only twenty seconds and you’re done. You start by placing your hands on the base of a chair and then walk your legs forward so as to suspend your body by the chair. You can stay in this position for ten seconds. Afterward, lower your body directly towards the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. For effectiveness, push yourself up and down for another ten seconds. The routine is simple but very effective and it can be done anywhere.


You only require to work out for twenty seconds or more if your time allows it. Place your hands on the floor just outside shoulder width and then extend your legs behind you. Let your shoulder, core and glutes remain in a straight line. You need to remain in this position the entire workout. Then lower your chest until is about an inch above the floor and then push up. Move up and down until you’re exhausted and you can’t take it anymore.

Jumping Jacks

When it comes to functional fitness, jumping jacks carries the day. People may take it lightly not knowing that the neurotransmitters in their fists are rendered sleepy for not working out in a long time. Light impact on them can help to keep them in good health. The process involves jumping then spread your legs and clap your hands together. Repeat the jumps and slap your hands against your sides and bring your feet together.


Go in a pushup position and then rest your forearms on the floor. You can use a mat or a soft cloth to avoid bruises on your arms and also to be comfortable. Tighten your abs and hold your body in a straight line. Planks utilize a combination of muscles and the main aim is to focus on the stability of the rib and the hip area. The whole body should be firmly squeezed together to bring the effect.


Many people ask if the 5-minute workouts help. This sounds like less time to make any difference but researchers say that exercise sessions as short as a minute may help keep you fit and active. The short exercises you do daily can add up to something longer. Additionally, the little bits of exercise help in appetite control. A group of people who did short workouts said they felt an average of 32 percent fuller throughout the daytime hours. There are so many ways to create time and do a twenty seconds workout. For example, during TV commercial breaks, you can do jumping jacks or do ten pushups.

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