5 Skincare Tricks to Look Better in a Bikini

Skin care in bikini

You probably already look great in a bikini! How do I know this? Because every body is a bikini ready body! Regardless of how comfortable you feel in your skin, however, there are always steps that we can take to make our skin look and feel healthier. As a bonus, healthy feeling skin looks fantastic! Check out our 5 skincare tricks to look better in a bikini and feel your confidence glow brighter than your tan!

Spend Extra Attention on Your Face

Summer can bring out the best, or the worst, in your face. Treat your face well to ensure you are always putting your best face forward. Remember to wash your face in the evening to combat all of the extra sweat and oil your face produces in the heat. Many dermatologists recommend using a face wash with salicylic acid it to help remove dead skin cells and to kill acne causing bacteria in your pores. If salicylic acid isn’t your style, use a washcloth with your normal cleanser and tone your face with witch hazel.

Exfoliation Station!

Exfoliation has an immediate skin brightening effect for radiant skin. This is because when you slough off the dead outer layer of skin you reveal the beautiful, fresh, newer, skin underneath. You can simply exfoliate using a washcloth, loofa, or a sugar scrub. If you’re looking for something new, try a chemical peel. You can find a really great one in Kerstin Florian Correcting Brightening Body Peel. You rub the pads all over your body, wait a little bit of time, rinse, and pat dry. Regardless of your method, be sure to apply lotion afterwards to hydrate your fresh skin. Also, remember to exfoliate a day before your beach excursion to minimize skin irritation.

Reduce Shaving Irritation

To help ensure that your skin does not become a red irritated mass after shaving, be sure to shave at the end of your shower when your pores have opened up the most and your hair follicles are loose. Use a shaving cream or a shaving oil to lubricate the process. Shave once in the direction of hair growth, and then shave again going against the grain. Hair will grow back thinner! If you are still experiencing irritation, hydrate your hair and body with body oil before you go to bed in the areas you plan to shave in the morning. This helps to reduce irritation.

Reduce Visible Cellulite

Cellulite is technically a natural part of being a human. If it bothers you, however, there are creams on the market that work to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Creams with caffeine in them work best. When you apply the cream, give yourself a cellulite massage to help break up the dimpling.


Even if you are a pale person, consider using a self tanner or bronzer that is in a medium or dark shade because they have skin flattering purple undertones. Before you apply any self tanner, exfoliate your skin. Remember that sweating or showering will reduce the tan effect, so try to relax while it is working on you. Treat a Sunburn

Vitamins For Healthy Skin

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