5 Strategies to Stay Fit in 2021

2021 is well on its way, and before long, we will be celebrating the Easter holidays. Many people start the new year with new resolutions, especially when it comes to their overall health and fitness. Looking back at the few weeks that have flown past, how well are you doing on your resolutions? If weight loss, diet change, and workouts were on the list, we thought we’d bring you these tips, hacks, and strategies to help you stay fit in 2021.

Become More Physical This Year

Unless you were on the frontline fighting COVID, you must have spent most of 2020 indoors. With gyms, grocery stores, and offices closed, you no longer had to commute to work. Most companies even decided to embrace the work from home system for their employees.

In short, 2020 has been a lazy year for many. Don’t let that laziness trickle into 2021. This is the year to start moving, which can be as simple as getting out of the house every day for a walk (with your mask on, of course) for at least 30 minutes.

Most grocery stores and gyms are also opening in some regions. If you’re in one of these places, take the opportunity to get out of the house to burn off all those extra calories you gained in 2020.

Set Up a Routine

Setting up a routine helps you to stay organized and know what you need to do when. You can start by setting a goal, for example, to lose 10 kilograms (22 pounds) within a month. Now, create small daily or weekly goals that will help you get close to accomplishing the bigger goal. With a routine, there will be no second-guessing which exercises you’re supposed to do on a specific day. If you work from home, you can do your workouts early in the morning or evening. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to go to the gym to get fit. Since the pandemic, most trainers shifted to online coaching, and you can find hundreds of training videos online for every kind of workout. Just pick one that suits you. Additionally, with thousands of mobile apps, you can get fit right in the comfort of your home. Just invest in quality athletic wear from brands like Senita Athletics for women or Puma for both men and women.

Watch What You Eat

When it comes to losing weight and staying fit, knowing what goes into your body is paramount. No matter how hard you work out, binging on junk negates the effects of your exercises. Be conscious of the food you eat and start logging all your meals. This way, you’ll start to understand how different foods affect your moods and workout routines. Try to learn about healthier food options that you can easily make at home and cut down on junk. You don’t have to be strict about tracking your calorie intake, but at least, have an idea of what you consume and how it affects your weight. Most importantly, don’t eat less, eat smart. Say no to sugar and opt for protein- and fiber-rich foods, not to mention eating plenty of fruits.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is a no-brainer, but we must reiterate the importance of staying hydrated while doing your routine walks, runs, or cycling. Water has so many functions in the body, including regulating the body’s temperature and maintaining the pH levels. Water also suppresses your appetite, making you eat less. What’s more, it’s calorie-free, meaning it won’t add your calories no matter how much you drink. Typically, it’s recommended to drink around 11.5 cups of water each day for women and 15.5 cups daily for men. But since you get around 20 percent of water from the food you eat, women are encouraged to drink nine cups of water daily and men 12.5 cups each day.

Don’t Rely on Cardio Alone

Don’t get this wrong. Cardio is effective at burning fat and improving your overall health. However, mixing it with strength training works your entire body, giving you better results. According to Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese, including strength training in your cardio keeps your heart rate up, hence burning more calories. You can find hundreds of cardio strength training videos on YouTube, including her newest program 9-Week Control Freak. Autumn advises that it’s crucial to consistently aim for full-body workouts if you truly want to get fit.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a workout routine that works well on one person may not necessarily work out for you. Our bodies are unique, and we respond differently to foods. So, find workouts that suit you perfectly and make them your favorite. Most importantly, try to be as consistent as possible if you want to start seeing results.

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