5 Yoga Poses for Pain Relief

Many people have false assumptions or preconceived notions about yoga. You do not have to be any certain type of person to enjoy doing yoga. In fact, yoga has so many health benefits that often get overlooked. There are tons of yoga poses that can help relieve stress, ease tension, relax muscles, help you sleep, and even relieve pain. In addition, yoga can help you stretch and strengthen your body and is designed to center your body and help you live a well balanced life. Before you knock it, try some of these poses and reconsider. Do you ever have neck aches, back pain or other muscle cramps? Check out these five yoga poses for pain relief and watch your twinges, aches, and pains quickly start to fade away.


sphinx yoga pose(image via Breaking Muscle)

This pose is designed to help stretch your back and relieve your lower back of any tension or pain you might be feeling. Make sure your breathing is slow, deep, and regulated to feel the maximum effects of this pose. The Sphinx pose promotes blood flow through your lower back and will help heal sore or tight muscles.

Standing Forward Fold with Crossed Legs

yoga for pain

 (image via Women’s Health Magazine)

Whether it’s from wearing heels that are too high, or being on your feet for too long, we often experience that foot soreness that seems impossible to get rid of. This yoga poses is designed to help relieve leg cramps as well as foot pains. This standing forward fold with crossed legs will help stretch your calves and feet while allowing you to relax for a few moments and regulate your breathing.

Wide Squat


 (image via Fit Sugar)

This stretching yoga pose is meant to help loosen the muscles in your lower back as well as stretch your inner thighs. Your groin is prone to tightening muscles if you don’t stretch enough on a regular basis. This pose will help relieve any back pain or inner thigh twinges you might be experiencing. Make sure you keep your feet flat in this pose or you won’t get all of it’s benefits.

Legs Up the Wall

yoga for headaches

(image via Health.com)

The next time you have a headache, instead of reaching for that bottle of Advil, try this super helpful yoga pose to help get rid of your headache. Lying on your back and focusing on your breathing does more for you than you’d think. This pose is designed to help center your breathing, realign your back, and center yourself.

Seated Spinal Twist


 (image via Fit Sugar)

This pose is specially designed for people who suffer from Sciatica, but you can try this pose for any back pain or discomfort. This seated spinal twist will help stretch out your back, elongate your spinal chord, and even help stretch out your neck. Try holding this pose for at least two minutes and then rotate and try it on the other side.

What’s your favorite yoga pose?


  1. I am a big fan of doing shoulder stands a couple of minutes a day-maybe because I am self conscious of retaining water around my ankles, but also because after ballet class it just feels good to get my legs up in the air for a while

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