6 Exercises That Flatten Your Belly

Most people, when dieting and working out, are motivated by a single goal of getting a flat stomach. Obviously, cardio routine such as swimming, walking, running, cycling and many more are very important but the progress can be slow and time-consuming. To flatten your belly, you need to do regular training and small sets of extremely effective exercises that focus on different areas of your abdominal muscles. Remember dieting is very crucial throughout the process. Getting rid of belly fat (visceral fat) is important for your health since multiple studies have linked it to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Below are 6 exercises that flatten your belly.


Planks involve intense moves that if done correctly can flatten your stomach in a few days. Lie on the floor with your face facing down, then come up on to your forearms and toes at a fixed position. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders. Let your body lie flat with your hips down.

To engage your abdominal muscles, draw your navel into your spine while maintaining the same position. Now, drop your right hip towards the mat, hold for one second and come back to the center. Drop the left hip toward the mat and come back to the center too. Repeat these steps 10 times each side for a total of 20.

Hollow Body Hold

Hollow body hold is a major core blaster that’s why it’s a staple training for gymnasts. This is an inversion of a plank. Instead of bracing yourself against the ground and allowing gravity to take control, you’re flipped around fighting against the gravity to keep your body in position. Lie down with your back, press your lower back into the ground and hinge at the hips. Raise your shoulder off the ground and tuck your knees into your chest and try to reach forward with your arms. Extend your legs straight out while stretching your arms behind your head and hold in position. Try to squeeze your core tight for a few minutes. For beginners, you should keep your arms pointed forward to make the move less complicated and hold for 30 seconds then keep increasing the time.

Weighted Oblique

Rest your body on your back with your feet on the ground then squeeze your dumbbell tight between your bent knees. Open wide your elbows and place your hands lightly behind your head. Move the knees up with your shins parallel to the floor then tighten your belly. With your left elbow rested on the floor, drop your knees towards the left side and lift your shoulder to cross your right elbow towards the knees. Return to the starting position and repeat 20 times then switch sides.

Split Lunge Flex

While standing up straight with your feet together, hold your dumbbell with both hands. Move your right leg one step backward into a lunge position. Bend your elbows and then lift your dumbbell towards your forehead keeping your elbows pulled in towards your body. Let your head and elbows move down to the left knee, ensure your dumbbell is at your forehead. Also, make sure every move you make contracts your abdominals. Return to the starting position and repeat 20 times then switch legs and do the same.

Side Crunch

Side crunch is effective at burning fat around the belly by working out the oblique muscles. Rest your body on the left side and put the legs on top of each other. Move your right hand behind your head and slightly bent the knees. Putting an emphasis on the oblique, move your right elbow up and crunch as high as you can. Then hold for a second and return it slowly to the starting position. Ensure you inhale when you lower your body and exhale when pushing it up. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Bicycle (Cross Crunch)

Cross crunch should be your core exercise because it works your abdominal and oblique muscles and makes your upper body flexible even more. Lie with your back to the floor and bent your knees. When lifting your shoulder from the floor you should ensure you engage your abdominal muscles. Avoid sitting all the way up, just lift up your left shoulder and raise your right knee while keeping the leg bent. Use your elbows to reach for your right knee and go back to the initial position. Alternate your shoulders and knees to complete the process. Do 30 cross crunches on each side. However, in case you have some issues with your back or core muscles, you should talk to your doctor first before performing this exercise.

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