6 Sinful Drunken Fruit Recipes This Winter

Cocktails are a part of holiday parties that are usually predicable: some mystery rum punch that tastes like mostly juice, flat champagne, or even worse, drinks so strong that after one sip, you put them down. A creative way to add alcohol to beverages at your holiday party this year is with drunken fruit. Drunken fruit is fruit that is soaked in alcohol, also known as alcohol infused fruit.  Below are 6 easy drunken fruit recipes that we love and will perk up any party.

Vodka Infused Oranges (WikiHow)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

Orange is one of the many great citrus flavors to indulge in this winter. You can use these oranges to garnish drink like Cosmopolitans, margaritas, and mimosas. Since oranges have a peel you may think getting them “drunk” would be complicated, but this recipe has pictures to show you how to remove the peel and make the oranges look pretty.


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