7 Cocktails Perfect For Your Christmas Party

There is nothing that will make you jollier with friends and family than a nice Christmas cocktail. Now that you’re over all the pumpkin and other fall flavored drinks, it’s time to embrace the taste of winter. Peppermint, cream, and cranberries will get you in the holiday spirit with bright coloring and sweet taste. The best drinks for the holiday season are easy to make, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guest. Here are seven of our favorite Santa Claus approved spirits to help you survive Christmas.

Egg Nog (via My Recipes)


Egg nog is synonymous with Christmas time and countries from around the world have different versions of the beloved holiday drink. What makes this drink so versatile is that it can be mixed with vodka, rum, whiskey, sherry, wine, and any other thing you can think to mix with it. This egg nog recipe has very classic flavors and uses brandy and rum. This homemade egg nog recipe also includes eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla extract to make the actually egg nog base of the drink. Don’t have time for the homemade version? Just pick up some egg nog from your local grocery store and add the brandy, rum, and vanilla flavoring.


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