7 Foods that Help Prevent Sunburn

New studies suggest that certain foods have the power to guard your body against damages caused by UV radiation. The foods are jam-packed with nourishing nutrients to keep your skin glowing and happy. Plus, these foods not only protect you from sunburn but also keep the wrinkles away. Yes, sunscreen can shield you from sunburn and it’s good to apply every day, but this lotion will always miss a spot no matter how many times you reapply. To avoid this, you need to stock up the following foods that will give you the protection you require.

Cod Liver Oil

Surprisingly, our bodies obtain vitamin D from the sun, which may also help protect our bodies from the sun. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D that helps guard the body against sunburn. Studies show that taking cod liver oil increases the skin’s tolerance to the sun consequently making it hard for you to get a sunburn.

It’s also said to prevent skin cancer.


Watermelon and tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant responsible for their red color. But watermelon is said to have this compound in large amount compared to tomatoes. Lycopene takes in both UVA and UVB radiation from the sun but it can take a week or so for the skin to be fully photoprotective due to its turnover rate. You need to take watermelon juice or as a whole for a couple of weeks for lycopene to eventually act as a sun blocker. Also, this fruit as an effective anti-aging remedy. Ensure you eat watermelon with almost every food you consume to increase its effectiveness.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits include oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. They have vitamin C in abundance which not only protects the body from UV rays but also repair the damage done to your cells by the sun. You can combine them with another food rich in vitamin E for extra protection. Note that unlike tomatoes, which require you eat them for a while before they can be able to shield your body from the sun, eating vitamin C rich foods before heading out in the sun can help prevent or lessen the extent of a burn.


Carrots and all leafy greens have beta carotene which is converted into vitamin A by the body. A meta-analysis done found that beta carotene naturally provides sun protection after 10 weeks of regular supplementation. Increasing your intake of this food contributes to your daily quota. Adding carrots and leafy greens to your meals or breakfast smoothies increase your beta carotene levels. Remember, leafy greens are high in antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin too. This three-offer great protection against wrinkles, sun damage, and skin cancer.

Red Wine

Red wine isn’t just good for the stomach. Sipping on it can ensure that you don’t receive backlash of the sunburn due to the presence of the compound flavonoid. For those familiar with the word melanoma, then you better get started on that red wine. This is because red wine will help you fight against skin cancer as well as help you relax. Here is how it works: Flavonoids prevent your body from forming something known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says, “These molecules exert a variety of harmful effects by altering key cellular functions and may result in cell death.” Next summer, you better sip on that bottle of red wine like never before to keep your cells thriving and healthy.

Sweat Potatoes

Whenever you’re dehydrated you always crave for a sweet thing. Rather than buying a large candy bar or sodas, opt for sweet potatoes. Sweat potatoes pack potassium in large amount and vitamin A called beta carotene that’s commonly found in plants. According to the Journal of Clinical, this vitamin is required by the body in order to build a team of antioxidants micronutrients. In turn, the antioxidants formed act as a defense against the sun.


A serving of strawberries packs around 84.7 mg of vitamin C making this fruit to have more vitamin C than a medium-sized orange. To avoid sunburn in the summer you need to have an adequate amount of vitamin C in the body. Research done at the Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture in Pollachi, India found that vitamin C plays a major role in fighting against free radical species which lead to numerous negative skin changes.


It’s good to use sunscreen for sun protection but you should also eat the above foods to protect your skin from UV radiation. Just learn to adapt to a certain diet even though you’re not used to it. Sunburns can cause lasting effects like premature aging, precancerous skin lesions, skin cancer, and eye damage.

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