7 Healthy Ways to Handle a Holiday Scrooge

7 Healthy Ways to Handle a Holiday Scrooge

You may be humming Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (and other Christmas tunes from our holiday workout playlist) and stalking the web on how to infuse even more holiday spirit into your life, but there is always at least one person in your life with a humbug attitude about the holidays that can bring down your chipper attitude in an instant.

There are ways to deal with the holiday-hater besides singing “you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” to his/her face. (Note: do not use this tactic).

Here are 7 healthy ways to handle the holiday Scrooge:

1. Turn off your Negative Sensor

When you are around a pessimistic person we tend to be on the lookout for every complaint before it even comes out of the Scrooge’s mouth so you can plan your reaction. Turn the negative radar off and focus on the positive things about the holidays so that the brash statements don’t impact you as much.

2. Play the Glad Game

Similar to stating what you are thankful for at Thanksgiving, the glad game is a chance to alter complaints into positives. Each person involved is allowed to state one life complaint and the other participants then have an opportunity to turn that person’s negative into something optimistic. Your Scrooge will be silenced and everyone will leave with a lighter peace of mind.

3. Change the Subject

If lots of negative chatter starts to mount try to change the subject. If you spend too much time dwelling on the issue you will be providing the complainer with the negative attention they crave.

4. Be Generous and Expect Nothing in Return

If you have a hardcore holiday hater in your life that won’t even participate in the festivities, don’t let it stop you from bringing holiday cheer into their life. Even if you know you won’t receive a present in return, it is nice to give a thoughtful, inexpensive gift to a Grinch. You never know, they may change their tune next year.

5. Re-Energize Often

If you feel yourself sucking in the negative vibes, quickly re-energize. When you get upset and bothered your body reacts. Take a break to calm your nerves by taking conscious deep breaths or having a “bathroom break” to remove yourself from the tense environment.

6. Watch your Tone

If you keep your cool and don’t show that any mean holiday comments are impacting you, the holiday grump will likely take a step back. Keep your voice even when his/her voice is gruff.

7. Focus on Having a Good Holiday

If someone around you doesn’t want to have a healthy and happy holiday that is their prerogative. Remind yourself of your goal to have a good holiday and don’t let others get in your way of making that happen.

Do you have someone like this in your life? How do you keep a positive attitude around a Scrooge? 


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