7 Incredible And Delicious Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp

Juicepresso Blueberry Juice Pulp Pancakes

If you’re anything like me, and love juicing, but despise that oh-so-sad feeling that accompanies tossing all that pulp, the creators of new juicer extraordinaire, Juicepresso have some genius tips. Turns out, there’s much ado about pulp!

1.Leftover blueberry pulp? Swirl it into pancake batter for unbelievably delicious pancakes. For a fun twist, stir in leftover blackberry or grape pulp.

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2.With soymilk or coconut milk as the base, add veggie pulp (not fruit!) and warm it up on the stove for a quick and flavorful wintry bowl of hot soup goodness.

3. Your quick and nourishing  morning carrot juice breakfast just got a new best friend: dessert. Fold carrot pulp into your favorite carrot cake recipe or make antioxidant-packed carrot bread (just google “carrot pulp bread” for a bunch of options). And yes, it’s okay if a few flecks of your apple or pear pulp sneaks in with those fibrous carrot stringies. In fact, the outcome might even taste better that way!

4. Jarred salsa just not doing it? When juicing veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers, save the pulp and combine it with a splash of lemon juice, garlic and chopped tomatoes for a quick and fresh salsa. Brunch? Try my favorite trick and hijack the pulp to blend with Bloody Mary mix and vodka.

5. Got squash or sweet potato pulp? You can add it with their juices and water for a bold base to soups. Don’t lie, you’re sick of Trader Joe’s bland butternut squash, too.

6. Turn boring sorbet or sherbet into a satisfying dessert by adding the pulp of your favorite fruity juice. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries work great, but also consider adding kiwi or mango pulp to the mix for a tropical blend.

7. And while we’re on a frozen dessert kick, make simple popsicles by combining the juice and pulp of green grapes and lemon along with vino (chardonnay works well with green grapes, but cabernet pairs nicely with red grapes) and a sweetener of choice. Throw in some extra grapes to the popsicle mold and voila times a few hours later: frozen paradise has arrived.

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How do you up cycle your juice pulp?

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