7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

why cant I lose WeightIf you have been trying to cut the extra weight and get an ideal body without success, it is crucial for you to understand why you are not losing weight. This will allow you to rectify your fitness program and other practices for better and long-lasting results. Here are the top seven reasons why you are not losing weight.

Poor Hydration Habits

Your hydration habits could be compromising your entire weight-loss agenda. You should drink water regularly to keep your body hydrated and to speed up your metabolism. Additionally, water can help you curb your desire for food and snacks especially if you have started your health program recently. You should avoid substituting plain water with liquid calories. Coffee, tea, smoothies and carbonated soft drinks are high in calories so they are not suitable for hydration.

Skipping Meals

There is no magical weight-loss wand so you should avoid taking drastic measures to get favorable results. If you are skipping meals, you are sabotaging the process of cutting down the extra inches. This unhealthy measure may work temporarily but you are likely to regain the weight and then some. Always take three meals per day to limit body weakness and consumption of snacks. Eat a heavy breakfast rich in proteins and fiber; the calories will be burnt during the day. Lunch and dinner should be in smaller portions to prevent storage of excess fats.  Fat Burning Foods

Eating Fast

You will compromise your weight-loss efforts by gobbling your meals in the shortest time possible. It is good to eat to satisfaction during the main meals to mitigate cravings. However, you risk overeating if you consume the food fast because your body will not have enough time to receive and process the signal of fullness. Take time to savor the food and allow the body to feel gradual satisfaction.

Ineffective Exercise

The general understanding of exercise is subject therefore many people fail to lose weight due to poor regimes. You should seek professional advice from fitness experts before starting a workout to ensure that it will help you achieve what you need. A good program should include different types of exercise like cardio, weight lifting and strength training. If you are dependent on one, the results will be undesirable.

Poor Digestion

If the digestive processes in your intestinal tract are poor, you will not lose weight effectively. You can promote better digestion by consuming more fiber from foods like oatmeal, fresh vegetables and brown rice. These will also increase fullness without the excess calories.

High Stress Levels

High stress levels promote production of the hormone cortisol which compromises the performance and appearance of the body. This bio-chemical will encourage storage of fats and it can degrade the muscle tissue. You should reduce this risk by sleeping sufficiently, meditating and limiting workout periods.  Learn More – Loving Your Job To Relieve Stress

Unhealthy Food Add-ons

You may be eating healthy foods but unhealthy add-ons will keep your weight intact. These edibles are common toppings used on salads and grilled foods, for example, croutons, dressing and cheese. Choose your preferred toppings to avoid extra calories.

There are numerous weight-loss programs, diets and exercise regimes which promise dramatic body changes. Some are effective while others are bad hoaxes which will leave you frustrated. Avoid any method which is linked to any of the mentioned reasons why you are not losing weight.

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