7 Tips to De-Stress from the Holidays

7 Tips to De-Stress the Holidays

The Salvation Army bells are ringing, panettone is back on the grocery store shelves, and cards adorned with glittery snowmen are beginning to flood your mailbox. And while the visual reminders of the holidays have announced their arrival, the accompanying stress is making no effort to hide.

Black Friday credit card bills? Check. Constant calorie counts? Check. Endless presents to buy? Check. Mentally handle the family Grinch? Check.

In the midst of all this, stop for a second. Will your life implode if your current (and likely) stressful holiday tasks rest momentarily? Put the list down on the nearest surface, and read on for seven soothing tips that will spring you from the holiday prison.

1. Exercise

Preaching to the choir here, I know, but physical activity – any form of it – will let you pat yourself on the back (mentally), help you sleep better, and burn off the figgy pudding and pot roast. Don’t like running? Ride a bike. Lance Armstrong not inspiring enough? Take a dance class – the more strenuous the better. Find Zumba annoying? Cleanse the mind with a yoga class.  (Hot tip: Cold weather often keeps people at home, so it’s likely  dance and yoga classes will have fewer people, which means more breathing room for your body and your brain.)

Stay in downward dog just a little longer, and the holiday calories won’t touch you.


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