Just Stop: 8 Bad Habits to Get Rid of Right Now

How are all your health and fitness resolutions going, ladies? While you may have already made your resolution list and (probably) checked it twice, we’re here to add a couple of things on there. We are all guilty of just bad habits. Maybe, you smoke when you drink? Tend to go overboard on your “cheat meal” regularly? Despite the fact that nobody is judging you, we are here to clue you in on a couple of them – conscious or subconscious – that might actually be hindering your fitness goals. Here we go!

1. Addiction

photo credit: mariateresat. via photopin cc
(via maria teresat)

Addiction is a tricky word. Its connotations and the imagery that it conjures up are almost always negative. While yes, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or even a bad smoking habit all fall under this category- and unavoidably hinder your health & wellness levels – addiction can go much deeper than this. Whether it is being “addicted” to the wrong partner in life (who doesn’t treat you well) or feeling the innate need to work off every calorie you consume in the form of exercise (i.e. an eating disorder), these things will ultimately lead you to a dead end. Addictive personalities will typically focus on one aspect or object so much that the rest of their lives crumble away. Attempt looking at the long-term, practicing meditation, and seeking medical attention, whenever necessary. Once you let go of your addiction, you will feel absolutely liberated.


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