4 Foundational Hair Tools Every Gal Needs

While there are many ways to improve your looks, perhaps proper hair care is the easiest and most manageable way to increase your attractiveness. Many spend vast amounts of money and wear tons of make-up but all this investment will be in vain if the hair is not properly groomed. How then do you guarantee that the way you wear your hair makes heads turn instead of becoming a turn-off? The secret could be in the hair care tools you use since most of the work necessary on your hair can be done at home.

Hair dryers

The secret to great hair could be the hair dryer you use. A good hair dryer not only adds sparkle to your hair but also does so without taking to much of your precious time. It is however worth noting that all hair dryers are not equal. In fact, using a low quality dryer could be catastrophic – it could break your hair or leave it bristled. In choosing a good dryer, be ready to spend as most of the high-end dryers are more reliable and guarantee better results. You should therefore go for a dryer with ceramic heating (as opposed to plastic heating) and one that runs on a higher wattage.

A flat iron

If you wish to get your hair straight and easy to manage without seeking outside help, a reliable flat iron is one hair care tool that you must invest in. In choosing a flat iron, go for one that will cause little damage to your hair and one that guarantees that your hair will remain straight all day. Ceramic flat irons are ideal for this purpose as they have qualities that allow the production of infrared heat which seals in the moisture when you straighten hair thereby guaranteeing minimal hair damage.

A curling iron

For the lady keen on having curly hair, investing in a curling iron will be a great idea. While some people curl their hair using hair rollers, the process is time-consuming and pretty uncomfortable. By using a curling iron, you not only save time but are guaranteed of great results free from the mess that the use of rollers necessitates.

A natural-bristle hair brush

You might be ware that failure to use a hair brush could lead to a myriad of problems including itching scalps and dry hair ends. By using a good hair brush, you help redistribute oil in your hair thereby making your hair shiny.

What should your hair brush be made of?

In recent times, there has been a lot of praise for boar-bristle hair brushes but their prices might not be very pocket-friendly. If you cannot afford a brush made from boar bristles, there are plenty of equally good alternatives available in the market at a price that won’t break your wallet. For best results, it is recommended that you stay clear of hairbrushes made solely from plastics. On the contrary, go for brushes that are made from natural bristles and those that contain only a small amount of plastic.

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