Best Low-Impact Workout Plans

Low impact workouts are safe and effective methods of exercise especially if you have concerns with joints and injuries. These workouts primarily focus on keeping one foot on the ground and elevating pressure and stress on your joints. Additionally, just because they are low impact workout, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t sweat. You will definitely sweat, burn calories and boost your metabolism the same way as any other workout. That being said, here are the best low impact workouts.


Swimming uses your body weight and water resistance for cardio and strengthening. The routine promotes heart health and longevity without putting any strain or pressure on your joints. Also, this is one of the best workout plans for pregnant women.

What’s more, swimming incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility in a single workout. Even though you’re performing the basic freestyle stroke, it engages muscles throughout the body especially the triceps, shoulders, pecs, and quads.


Here you should focus on riding with the right amount of resistance to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your joints. Whether you’re cycling indoors or out, this is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can do. To increase the calories burned, you should cycle at constant changing intervals in both timing and type such as hills and sprints. If you’re cycling indoors, you should pedal at the right revolutions per minute (RPM) to maximize your burn in the saddle. If it’s outdoor, try 60 to 80 rpms for hilly terrain, 80 to 100 for flat roads and 100 to 110 for sprints. By the time you’re through with the exercise, you will have burned around 600 to 750 calories in an hour.


Rowing is described as a non-weight-bearing exercise that provides total body strength for those with joints concerns. It’s a gym based workout since you require access to rowing machine although you can acquire yours. When exercising, you should sit on the rower, bend your knees to strap your feet into the platform and hold the handlebar. You should slightly bend your upper body forward and the arms straight and then push through your heels and press your legs against the platform. Extend your legs completely and set your upper body just perpendicular to the ground and pull the arms back in a row.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is an effective, low impact exercise that helps you stay strong and lean. It doesn’t matter whether you can walk or not, the routine can help you stay fit after surgery. Plus, it burns a total of around 400 calories an hour and keeps your heart rate elevated. It also focuses on the total body and increases your oxygen uptake. The effectiveness of power yoga is brought by the fact that it uses a lot of oxygen, which burns calories, and uses the entire body instead of isolating small muscles which promotes high calories burning and generates heat.


Pilates is a mood-boosting, supersafe workout and it just flows whether it’s in a mat or using a machine. However, it tests your strength ability and stamina. The routine helps to boost your metabolism, promoting weight loss. You only require resistance bands and springs – in case you’re using a machine. Pilates exercise helps build muscle and bone strength without putting your body under excessive weight. Generally, it promotes mental wellness and helps to reduce anxiety. An ideal way to get away from your hectic schedule for a while and focus your energy on a much-needed routine.

Strength Training

Even though you have weak or injured joints, you can still do strength training. When training, you should lift light weights at the right level for you which helps to help build lean muscle mass and boost metabolism. Use of therabands and weights adds a complementing pulling movement that complements the pushing movement of yoga. The simplest strength training moves should be done without weights or using a TRX strap. For example, lunges and squats work your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core. These should be done by everyone or incorporate a modified version with a chair or a physio ball against the wall. By practicing these simple exercises you’ll able to strengthen important muscle masses that help to keep your joints in place. Weak glutes put a lot of pressure on the knees.


If a high-intensity workout isn’t in your list, you can improve your life by doing low impact routine. You should prepare your body both mentally and physically and remember to start small before graduating to the next workout. If possible, you should have a workout partner who motivates you to go further when working out. Also, create a schedule that should guide you and remind you when to workout.

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