Best Makeup Ideas for Any Season

During the winter, your skin gets dried out due to the cold and wind. If you are not careful, the weather will undo the best effects of your makeup and leave your skin feeling even drier.

In the summertime, you have the opposite problems. The heat can cause makeup to melt, leaving smears across your skin.

Adjusting your makeup to work well with the season can take a lot of effort. Use the following ideas to look your best regardless of the season.

Use a Primer After Your Moisturizer: For Summer

In the summer you need to apply a primer after your moisturizer. The primer will provide a firm surface for your makeup to take hold. This is important to avoid your makeup from running. The primer fills in pores in your skin and evens out the surface. When you then add your makeup, it will adhere much more firmly to the face. You will first need to apply a base for the primer, and that’s where your moisturizer becomes important.

Peachy Pink Blush: For Summer

The summer is the perfect time to experiment with a bright blush around your cheeks. A peachy pink blush, for example, complements the sunny outdoors and makes your face stand out. The pink will make your face lightly glow, while matching the soft undertones of your skin. The effect will enhance your natural skin tone rather than offset it. If you have darker skin, you can use apricot pink, watermelon, or cranberry hues for the blush.

Green-Tinted Moisturizer: For Winter and Fall

In the winter, the cold, snow, and wind, can leave your face looking red or otherwise frozen. You can use moisturizer to undo some of the effects. Using a green-tinted moisturizer will alleviate the redness, leaving your face looking more natural. The green balances out the cold-induced redness, restoring some of your skin’s original tone. Some moisturizers have soothing ingredients which can minimize the pain from cold skin.

Emerald Eyes: For Winter and Fall

You can fight off some of the heaviness of the winter by applying makeup with bright effects. Creating the iconic emerald eyes involves applying emerald green eyeliner that brightens up the area around the eyes. To make it work, you will need to first apply a darker green cream eyeshadow under the lower eyelash as well as above the eyelid. Then apply a brighter green with metallic sheen to the middle part of the eyelashes.

Smoky Winged Liner: For Spring

With a bit of black liner and some creativity, you can create a unique look that’s even better than cat eyes. To create the look, buff some eyeliner around the outer corners of your eyelids so that it looks like a natural extension of your eyebrows. Then add some glitter or shiny gunmetal shadow. Combine this with some bright highlighter on the cheeks and glossy lipstick of your choice to create a standout look.

Bold Metallic Crimson Nails: For Fall

If you want something that will stand out in the fall, ditch black or neutral nail polish and go with bold, metallic crimson nails. Done right, crimson nail polish will bring out the natural beauty of the fingers and create a lasting impression. To pull it off, you need some crimson nail polish like Sally Hansen Color Therapy or Emilie Haithe Nail Artist. Make sure the hue is bold enough to stand out.

Gray Lipstick: For Any Season

There’s a reason why celebrities like Beyonce have been spotted wearing gray lipstick on outings. It’s an unusual idea, catches attention, and could just set you apart for creativity. As with anything unusual, there’s a balance you have to strike to get it right. Subtle shades of gray will give you a look of quiet sophistication. If you want something more dramatic, say, for a party, you can layer on the gray instead.

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