The Best (& Most Realistic) Detox Tips Ever

You feasted, you had fun, you celebrated and well, you’re feeling a little less than yourself today. The best way to get back to your old self would be to get back into your old routine. Don’t wait until Monday. Start right now and get a jump start on you detoxing.

Oftentimes, however, people resort to less than ideal methods of detoxification such as fasting or juice cleanses. While we love juicing, we know that it is not for everyone. Instead, incorporate these detox tips into your day to lessen bloating and feel more energized.

1. Start Your Day With Hot Water & Lemon

detox tips

While you may have been dreaming of that leftover pie from last night, go straight for the tea kettle and warm up some water. Too lazy to warm it up? Water at room temperature alone may suffice as well. There is plenty of evidence showing the many benefits of starting your day with warm lemon water including improved digestion and colon health which is essential after a few days of indulgence. The Huffington Post  has reported that it may even act as an “anti-bacterial” for your body – aiding in everything from clearing your skin to fending off colds.


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