7 Things You’re Eating Daily That Your Body Struggles to Digest

Digestive issues can cause serious stomach bloating which make you feel uneasy for hours. To keep track of what you eat on a daily basis can be tiresome although it helps to avoid foods that cause digestive problems. Did you know that your body struggles to digest some of the foods you eat regularly? Just because it’s a snack it doesn’t mean it’s easily digestible. You need to have an insight into some of the food items you include in your daily diet that your body struggles to digest.

Seeds Might Go Undigested

Phytic acid in raw seeds such as sunflower, sesame, chia, and many others interfere with the absorption of minerals that’s why your stomach gets angry after eating them. If it’s a must you eat your favorite seeds, then you should consider soaking the seeds before eating. Soaking removes some of the phytic acids. Plus, you will not notice undigested seeds in your stool anymore.

Highly Processed Foods

Your body goes through so much struggle to digest some of the ingredients contained in foods like greasy potato chips, breakfast cereals, and even candy. The reason being that processed packaged foods have many additives to help keep the food in good condition. Some of these chemicals include fat-substitutes, phosphoric acids, and nitrate. They are indigestible and cause irritation to the gut after eating. Not forgetting they are bad news to the overall body health over a long period of time. You should consume such foods in limitation or avoid them completely if you always get stomach upsets after eating them. ”

High Fiber Foods

Your body can’t digest or absorb both insoluble (veggies, whole grains, and wheat bran) and soluble (oats, veggies, fruits, and beans) fibers. Although our bodies can’t digest fiber and don’t gain anything from them, they are crucial to digestive health. For example, insoluble fibers are food for healthy gut bacteria and soluble fiber slows down digestion, thus contributing to good heart health by lowering blood sugar levels.

Some of the Dairy Products

Some people find it hard to digest a number of dairy foods like milkshake which cause stomach pain during bedtime. This happens due to the lack of an enzyme used to digest lactose found in dairy products. Such individuals are said to be lactose intolerant although they might do fine with yogurt and cheese. Yogurt and cheese contain bacteria which feed off the sugars and do all the digesting work for you.

Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

People believe that sugar-free drinks are healthy for the body, yet, these are just empty calories that aren’t fully absorbed by the body. You should consider going for real stuff with enough amount of sugar. Digesting sweeteners can be difficult for some people. Contrary to what we know about sweeteners, some research suggests that high doses of these sweeteners can be beneficial to individuals with diabetes or other blood sugar issues. However, this research is inconclusive and more studies are required to provide more evidence.


You might be familiar with the occurrence of corn in your stool once in a while especially if you eat them on a daily basis. According to McDowell, corn is like a tracker device of the body’s digestive system, eat it for dinner and you will see it in your stool later. This is due to lack of the necessary enzyme in our bodies to fully break down cellulose in corn during digestion.

The Skin of Bell Pepper

Bell peppers add sweet flavor, aroma and vibrant color to any dish. On the other hand, its outer skin is tough and fibrous making it hard for the body to digest it. Even worse, when eaten raw it can’t be fully broken down. As a result, it can cause stomach pain or gas for some people. You might also find its remnants in the stool. Nevertheless, you can remove the skin before eating if you want to cook it with your dish.


You need to be mindful of your gut and its health. Avoiding foods that hurt your digestive system keep you happy since you don’t have to deal with stomach issues. There are alternatives to such food or you can consume them occasionally. Additionally, you need to allow your body to digest food before going to bed. Avoid eating quickly especially food that isn’t easily digested since you’re not allowing your stomach to expand which can cause pain and discomfort. Food such as white rice, bananas, eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken and salmon are easily digested. Plus, they are healthy foods with lots of benefits to the body.

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