4 Moves To Burn Fat & Tone Your Booty

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The booty is the big deal these days, and every woman is trying to get that thing lifted as high as it can go. According to Tracy Anderson, there are six muscles that we need to focus on when trying to get that little butt lift, the gemellus superior, the piriformis, obturator internus, gemellus inferior, obturator externus, and the quadratus femoris. I didn’t know that these muscles even existed but apparently they are responsible for making our butts look high and mighty, so it would be in our best interest to do exercises that will put these muscles to work. Here are 4 booty-boosting butt exercises that will give you the results that you want and burn that fat.  Looking for Flat Abs?

Routine by Tracy Anderson

These moves involve extending your leg back in an arabesque while on your hands and knee. They look very effective and not too hard to accomplish. They will put your bottom to the test and work those six muscles that were discussed earlier. Tracy is a celebrity fitness trainer so she knows what she’s talking about. You can see the video here and get every detail down before you try them. Be careful when doing any new exercises that you have never tried before. These exercises are a bit hard on the knees so getting some kneepads will make this a bit easier to do.

Box Jump

You can do this with a step or two steps when you get more comfortable. Stand about eight inches away from the step, and with your knees slightly bent, jump on the step with both feet.  Jump off the step quickly back to the starting position and do it again. Keep your body in a squatting position as you land. Do about 30 reps.  This also great for the toned legs.

Pop Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder length apart with hands on your hips. Squat until your knees are parallel to the floor and pop back up quickly to a standing position. You can add a jump putting your feet together for a more rigorous workout. This may be hard on the knees if you have knee issues.

Leg Curls

You can use leg weights for this if you like. Get on all fours and lift one leg back while it is still bent. Make sure that your foot is flexed and going towards the ceiling with the thigh parallel to the floor. Now pump that leg upwards toward the ceiling for 10 reps and then change legs. You should feel it in your butt if you are doing it right.

These are only a few butt changing exercises that you can choose from. Make up your own routine if these are not what you enjoy, but try doing something every day if you can. Your booty will thank you as well as the guy staring at it.

Image Credit:  istockphoto.com

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