Simple Ways to Get Young Looking Skin

4 Simple Ways to Get Young Looking Skin

These days, young looking skin is hard to come by. With all of the wear and tear we put on our bodies, it's no wonder we don't age even faster. Consider the effects of...
Dyeing your Hair

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

Lather, rinse, repeat – right? Wrong. If you were under the impression that washing your hair was a mindless activity with seemingly no strategy involved, you're likely missing out on extremely healthy hair. That's...
DIY Recipes for Hair Masks

DIY Recipes for Hair Masks

Oftentimes our hair simply can't keep up with the changes of the seasons and all that comes along with them. The first few days of brutally cold weather will often leave your hair limp...

5 Ways to Detox Your Hair

Your hair and scalp are intrinsically linked. A healthy scalp will grow healthy hair. Hair that has buildup and gunk will not only look dull and greasy, it will slow hair growth because all...

Five Reasons for Your Hair Loss

Remember that fabulous hair you have when you were twenty? You could wear it any old way, and it still looked good. No matter how much torture you put it through, it always bounced...

How to get Beachy Waves for Every Hair Type

It’s summertime and beachy hair is back in style. Those tussled locks are the look everyone is going for during the summer months. While it may look like an effortless style when it’s finished,...
How to Deal With an Itchy Scalp

How to Deal With an Itchy Scalp

Get rid of that itching, burning sensation ASAP.
What Happens to Your Face When You use Expired Makeup

What Happens to Your Face When You use Expired Makeup

Makeup is something that can be found in almost every woman’s vanity. Powder, matte, liquid – women often have multiple types and shades of foundation.  They like to have a perfect blush, and mascara...
Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Eyeliner

The 5 Biggest Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Making

There are a few things you should be correcting right away - the right way!
Season’s Hottest Nail Color

10 Ways to Wear the Season’s Hottest Color

Here's how to rock it from head to toe - but not at the same time!