How to Dress Thinner

The Basics Of Dressing Thinner

The age old rule “black slims” just doesn’t cut it anymore. With summer upon us everyone will be stripping their sweaters and swapping them for crop tops. Does the very idea send a shiver...
skin cleanser

8 All-Natural Skin Cleansers Using Household Items

What if we told you, you never had to buy another store-bought face wash ever again?
Not That Natural Nail Polish

This Not That: Natural Nail Polish

With the advent of the green revolution, many of us have made changes to reduce our environmental impact and live a healthier, more natural life. I, personally, have switched to as much organic food as...
radiant skin glow

Is a Radiant Skin Glow Really Achievable Through Simple Diet Changes?

Your skin is the largest organ in your entire body and it has a hard job to do. Your skin protects your organs from germs and toxins in the environment, helps your body retain...
Metal or Glass Nail Files

Which is Better? Metal Nail Files vs. Glass Nail Files

Even for the most informal nail care, nail files are essential. Without a file, nail edges are prone to chipping and breaking, as well as environmental damage, and filing helps smooth rough edges that...
How to Strengthen Your Nails

This Not That: Natural Nail Strengtheners

What if strong beautiful nails were only a kitchen ingredient or two away? My mother possesses nails that other women drool over. They are perfectly shaped and hardly ever break. Unfortunately, these lovely nail genes...
Epsom Salt to Heal Bruises

Will Putting Salt On a Bruise Help Diminish Its Appearance?

Sometimes, a bruise may leave us feeling self-conscious. With its grotesque colors during healing or the embarrassing story behind how we got the bruise, we try to cover it up as best as we can....
Dyeing your Hair

Fact or Fiction: Is Darker Hair Color Less Damaging?

Some people change their hair color about as often as they change their clothes. We've all known girls that have gone from jet black, to Barbie blonde, to deep red and back again, all...
snail mucin

Would You Put Snail Slime On Your Face?

Is this the secret to younger, glowing skin?
treat adult acne

Effective Adult Acne Treatments You Should Try

Millions of people find themselves disgruntled and frustrated over adult acne on a day-to-day basis, and just accept it as a part of life. You, like many, fully expected to grow out of your...
early signs of skin cancer

Detecting Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Sun worshipers beware:  those rays will do some serious damage.
skin vitamins

5 Vitamins You Can Take for Healthy Skin

Everyone wants and needs healthy skin. Not only is it more visually appealing, but having healthy skin helps keep our overall physical health in check as well. Think about what plagues your skin every...
lemon beauty

3 Exceptional Beauty Uses for Lemons

We're ALL about going the natural route - especially when it's this effective.
makeup essentials

8 Make Up Essentials You Need In Your Beauty Bag

Before anything else, you absolutely need to stock up on these.
neck skincare

Dermatologists’ Best Skin Care Tips For Your Neck

Not paying enough attention to your neck? You'll regret it down the line!
diy blemish cream

3 Homemade Recipes To Banish Blemishes For Good

Get rid of those pesky dots with these super common ingredients.
best hair tools

4 Foundational Hair Tools Every Gal Needs

You simply won't regret it after seeing the results.