Dyeing your Hair

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

Lather, rinse, repeat – right? Wrong. If you were under the impression that washing your hair was a mindless activity with seemingly no strategy involved, you're likely missing out on extremely healthy hair. That's...
DIY Recipes for Hair Masks

DIY Recipes for Hair Masks

Oftentimes our hair simply can't keep up with the changes of the seasons and all that comes along with them. The first few days of brutally cold weather will often leave your hair limp...
How to Strengthen Your Nails

Three Steps to Beautiful Nails

Beautiful nails seem to be part and parcel with what our society considers beautiful on a woman. Whether you paint your nails, get gel polish manicures or let them go natural, healthy, beautiful nails...
How to Deal With an Itchy Scalp

How to Deal With an Itchy Scalp

Get rid of that itching, burning sensation ASAP.
Are you Really Ready for a Tattoo?

Are you Really Ready for a Tattoo?

Getting tattooed is permanent… like REALLY permanent! Before you jump on the tattoo bandwagon, there are several things to consider. Are you really ready for a tattoo? You should think long and hard about...
How to Heal your Bruises a Whole Lot Faster

How to Heal your Bruises a Whole Lot Faster

We all get bumps and bruises during the course of daily life. However, sometimes it is not the best time for an ugly black and blue bruise in an obvious place or the pain...
What Happens to Your Face When You use Expired Makeup

What Happens to Your Face When You use Expired Makeup

Makeup is something that can be found in almost every woman’s vanity. Powder, matte, liquid – women often have multiple types and shades of foundation.  They like to have a perfect blush, and mascara...
Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Eyeliner

The 5 Biggest Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Making

There are a few things you should be correcting right away - the right way!
Season’s Hottest Nail Color

10 Ways to Wear the Season’s Hottest Color

Here's how to rock it from head to toe - but not at the same time!
How to Wear Black in the Summertime

The Correct Way To Wear Black In The Summertime

Black is so slimming, most people have clothing that can work all year long.  You have short sleeve, long sleeve, pants……the opportunities are endless.  Summertime is the time of whites, and colors.  It can...
Beauty Products

How Safe Are the Beauty Products You Use Every Day?

Beauty products are used to, well, keep us beautiful! People go to routine, and the part of your day when you’re getting prepared can be calming. You don’t have to think really about it...
Slimming Maternity Clothes Tricks

3 Slimming Maternity Clothes Tricks

You definitely CAN look and feel good when you're expecting.