Diet & Fitness

Cut 500 Calories A Day

To Track or Not to Track: Should You Be Counting Calories?

There seems to be a bit of discord in the fitness community. Of course, it is all friendly and informative debate. However, the divide still stands.  Should we count calories and macronutrients or not?...
Getting Lean

What’s The Real Cost Of Getting Lean?

We all see ab-laden males and bikini-clad females with perfectly sculpted bodies grace the covers of our favorite style and fitness magazines, but what does that come at the cost of? Being Lean To put it...
Yoga Poses for Amazing Arms

5 Yoga Poses for Amazing Arms

Who says you can't get a workout from yoga?
Kundalini Yoga

Which Style Of Yoga Is Best For You?

With yoga being all the rage these days, it's hard - whether you are a beginner or have been doing it for years - to figure out which ones work for you and which...
Yoga Seated Spinal Twist

5 Yoga Poses for Pain Relief

Many people have false assumptions or preconceived notions about yoga. You do not have to be any certain type of person to enjoy doing yoga. In fact, yoga has so many health benefits that...
best post workout meals

Great Post-Workout Meals & Snacks

Many people neglect the fact that workout preparation and recovery are just as important than the workout itself. An effective and healthy workout will always consist of an appropriate pre-workout snack and warm up,...
What is in your workout protein supplement

What’s Really In Your Pre Workout Supplements?

As fitness trends change and morph with the times, the use of "pre workout" appears to be on the rise. The purpose of this branch of supplements is to help you be more energized...