Top Fat-Burning Foods

The Top Fat-Burning Foods

If you are looking for a healthy, natural and credible way to lose weight, you certainly are at the right place. To help you choose wonder-foods that will help you meet your health goal(s), we have compiled...
Things Girls Who Practice Yoga Do But Will Never Admit To

7 Things Girls Who Practice Yoga Do But Will Never Admit To

From the perspective of many, girls who practice yoga are beautiful, have perfect physiques and are so serene. Above all, their abilities to pull off those poses leaves many men excited and lots of girls envious,...
sexy yoga

4 Yoga Poses That Will Make You Feel Sexier

Build the confidence you need through these revitalizing moves.
Kate Hudson Fabletics

How Well Does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Measure Up?

As a lover of all things activewear, the launch of the Kate Hudson-backed Fabletics piqued my curiosity almost immediately from the start. The brand promised high-quality, chic gear at lower prices. What athletic clothing...

Three Routines for the Weight-Room Cardio Workout

There are diverse exercise regimes which are ideal for losing weight and keeping fit. It is crucial to choose the right physical activity to ensure that your entire body receives the health benefits. One of the best...
hiit treadmill workout

The Proper Way To Try A HIIT Treadmill Workout

The best part about HIIT? It's much more fun and less time consuming than long runs.
weight loss patch

Are Transdermal Weight Loss Patches Safe OR Effective?

You've heard about them but are they really safe or effective?
fitness fads

7 Fitness Fads to Avoid

If not done right, these fitness fads could become REALLY dangerous or unhealthy.
best ab workout

4 Of The Best Ab Workouts Ever

Many people work their core constantly when they head to the gym – spending their time doing crunches, leg lifts and supermans to no avail. Oftentimes, that midsection pudginess remains. How is it that you get rock solid...

Weight-Loss Tips: The Best Eight Fat-Blasting Activities

The right weight-loss plan should promote health and provide long-term results. Therefore, regular physical activity should always be included in the program for maximum impact. There are diverse types of exercises to consider depending...
fat burner pills

Fat Burner Pills… Do They Really Work?

Often seen on the market, are they really all that helpful?
Vinyasa Yoga

What Is Vinyasa Yoga and What it Can Do For You

Do you lump all yoga poses and strategies into one category? The truth is, there are many different kinds of yoga that you can practice, and each has its own positive element to focus...
Rest Better with Restorative Yoga

Rest Better with Restorative Yoga

Maybe you considered doing yoga, but the stretches were more painful and involved too much straining and effort for you. As a result, you were more uncomfortable and simply sore in your off time,...
Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Tension

5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Tension

The vast majority of the population has back issues, although many don't have any great ideas on how to relieve tension, other than medication. Barring an opposing medical opinion from a licensed physicians, yoga...
Intense Dumbbell Workout You Can Do in 30 Minutes

Intense Dumbbell Workout You Can Do in 30 Minutes

When it comes to working out, many people shrug it off as useless if it's not done in a big, fancy gym with big, fancy machines. While paying monthly for a gym membership can...
Metabolism-Boosting Secrets

Metabolism-Boosting Secrets

Our metabolism controls how quickly we use up energy in our bodies. When more energy (food/calories) is consumed than used, the body will store it as fat. So the faster your metabolism is, the...
cut 500 calories

5 Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories A Day

You might just be able to lose 2 pounds a week!