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Are Organic Foods Worth the Price?

As the quest to live a healthy lifestyle continues to take root, the topic on organic vs conventional food is getting hotter every day. The thought that...

Fish Species You Should Avoid Eating

Fish is one of the healthiest, naturally occurring food for humans and a great source of protein with some like salmon, tuna, and sardines delivering healthy omega...

Foods to Avoid With Gout

Gout patients can reduce its severity and symptoms by avoiding certain foods. It is a type of arthritis that’s painful and mainly occurs when excess uric acid...
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7 Foods That Contain More Protein Than a Protein Shake

Whether your goal is to build up muscles or trim down, protein is a must-have to give you essential nutrients for a healthier, toned body. According to the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, an...

Lactose Intolerance Symptoms you Shouldn’t Ignore

While occasional stomachache after drinking a glass of milk might be ignored, feeling sick every time you take a dairy product or by-product may indicate a more serious issue. Lactose intolerance is a common...
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The Best Salad Ingredients for Weight Loss

When you think of salad, you think of boring, wet lettuce, sad tomatoes, boiled chicken and cucumber, but this is healthy eating. When it comes to dieting, salads are known to be the secret...

How to Know If You Have to Cut on Carbs?

The debate about carbohydrates is usually a tricky one. Chances are high that you ate a good amount of carbohydrates in your last meal. Undoubtedly, carbs fuel our bodies to give us the daily...

Best Exercises to Relieve Your Back Pain

If you have back pain, don’t make the mistake of lying down too much to avoid the discomfort. Your back will only get better if it’s exercised. In the US, back pain is one...
Health Tips to ignore

Health & Wellness Advice You Need to Ignore

So, you made a resolution this year to get fit and feel better overall? We applaud that. Your are probably busy researching fitness and eating tips to put into action, and we applaud that, too....
Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

6 Sinful Drunken Fruit Recipes This Winter

Cocktails are a part of holiday parties that are usually predicable: some mystery rum punch that tastes like mostly juice, flat champagne, or even worse, drinks so strong that after one sip, you put...
Healthy Christmas Recipes

14 Healthier Christmas Recipes For Every Part Of Your Meal

Christmas is almost here and we couldn't be more excited for the food, the family and the presents. That being said, there are a bevvy of unhealthy options out there, that's why - while many...
Healthy Pie Recipes

9 Healthier Pies To Make This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up so fast, we hardly saw it coming! That being said, we couldn't be more excited. There's absolutely nothing we don't love about the holiday - from lounging around all day, sipping...
5 healthy christmas candies

5 Healthy Christmas Candy Alternatives

Christmas is one of those holidays heavily associated with candy. Peppermint candy canes, chocolate bottles filled with liquor, and chocolate covered coins are some of the things you will be barraged by all holiday...
Tomato recipes

22 Mouth-Watering Tomato Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet

Tomatoes are sweet, juicy and delicious! Besides the fact that they are overwhelmingly good for you, there are also hundreds of different ways to prepare and be creative with them. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner,...

Padron Peppers: Bite into Some Spice (or Not)

The padron pepper has some major character. The confused capsicum wavers back and fourth in its two flavor extremes. Most taste sweet and mild, but you can bite into some that will set your mouth...
juice pulp leftover uses

7 Incredible And Delicious Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp

If you're anything like me, and love juicing, but despise that oh-so-sad feeling that accompanies tossing all that pulp, the creators of new juicer extraordinaire, Juicepresso have some genius tips. Turns out, there's much ado about...
dr colbert supreme food review

Dr. Colbert Supremefood Review

Good nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. It goes beyond dieting or skipping your favorite treats because they are labelled unhealthy or unfit, it is simply being overall conscious with what you...
best food pairings

7 Health Foods That Are Better Together

Some things in life are just better together.

12 Healthier Waffles To Whip Up Anytime

Think you can't have it all. These recipes will make you think again.
green tea benefits immune system

Does Green Tea Give You An Immune Boost?

As if there were any more reasons to love green tea!