Which is Better, coffee or tea

Coffee or Tea – Which One Has The Most Benefits

During winter, nothing comes into the mind of individuals like hot coffee or tea depending on their preference. However, there has been confusion with no conclusion on which is better for health. Despite the...
wet hair myth - can you get sick with wet hair

Will Going Outside with Wet Hair Give You A Cold?

Wet Hair During Cold Weather Last week, my friend came in to our night class with her hair still soaking wet from her shower. With the freezing temperatures outside (and inside) our classroom, we wondered...
Cold weather Health benefits

15 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy It’s Cold Outside

If you are in the Northeastern region of the United States right now, we are sure you are relentlessly cursing the cold and snow that have come this way. With reports that record-setting snowfalls will...
Pumpkin Seeds Help You Sleep Better

Will Eating Pumpkin Seeds Help Us Sleep Better?

Can Pumpkin Seeds Help You Sleep Better? With Halloween and Thanksgiving over, it’s likely to now see pumpkins discarded by the road. No longer relevant. This fruit—yes, fruit!— is often left for the squirrels to...
Proper Way to use antibiotics

Is There A Proper Way To Take Antibiotics?

If you have ever gotten a bacterial infection - whether it be strep throat, an infected piercing or even being given a long-term oral antibiotic for certain skin conditions such as acne - you...
Daily Health Tips

10 Daily Reminders for a Healthy Life

The true key to achieving balance is to make a habit of reminding yourself about the important things that tend to slip our mind in between busy days and bad moods. Because we all...
Does Ginger Help Asthma

Can Ginger Help Control Asthma Symptoms?

For anyone who has asthma or has ever experienced difficulty breathing, they know how frightening the experience is. With an increase of the population developing asthma, doctors have been trying to better understand what causes...
healthy sleep positions

Healthy Sleeping Positions for the Sleepyhead

A bad night’s sleep can lead to a terrible next day. Not fun. You may think that your restless feeling is from spending too much time counting sheep or not getting in enough quality hours...
tinder dating app

Are Apps Like Tinder Ruining Our View On Dating?

I once had a friend who was obsessed with Tinder. It seemed like everyday she had a new boy to talk to, and was bouncing back and forth between at least six at any...
working out after heartbreak

How Exercise Can Totally Help You Get Over Heartbreak

It's nothing new that the benefits of exercise are truly endless. While eating well may be the first step on your quest to drop the pounds, the mental benefits of working out regularly can far exceed your...
tooth paste itch relief

Is Toothpaste The Ultimate Itchy Bug Bite Solution?

If you’re like me and are trying to enjoy these last few summer nights, it is likely that you are spending a lot of time outdoors...swatting away mosquitoes. Bug Bite Prevention Despite using bug repellents, sometimes...
causes of metal illness

5 Most Shocking Probable Causes of Mental Illness

  Mental illness affects many people around the world. While the primary culprits are environmental, genetic, and substance abuse, some people still suffer due to unimaginable and bizarre reasons. People might have lost their right...
Prevent suicidal Thoughts

A Guide for Those Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts

Photo Credit: RandallDSLR, Pixabay In 2015, 9.8 million adults had serious suicidal thoughts, and of those people, 2.7 made suicidal plans and 1.4 million attempted suicide. A total of 44,000 people died by suicide, making...
aloe vera benefits

Can Aloe Vera Help Heal a Blister?

And you can grow it in your very own backyard.
8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Bad Co-Workers

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Terrible Co-Workers

I am really fortunate to have co-workers who don’t make me cringe, but that wasn't always the case. There are few things more frustrating than working with rude, negative, disrespectful people and feeling like you can’t do...
Can Vitamin C Help with period pain

Can Vitamin C Relieve Period Pains

Daily Vitamin C Can Help With Menstrual Pain Bloating, cramps, and mood swings—these inevitable once-a-month feelings are always an unwelcome harbinger of a woman’s period. Menstrual pains effect almost every woman, and most of us...
How to be Happy At your work

6 Steps to Loving Your Job

You may have to think outside the box and put in a little extra effort to make it happen, but if you believe in yourself and you believe that you deserve happiness, you can create your own life.

How Sugar Effects The Brain

We already know that scientists proved Oreos can actually be as addictive as cocaine to some people. And we've all heard people say they have a sweet tooth (though personally, I'm more of a...
apple cider vinegar benefits for acne

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Be Your Sugar Craving Cure?

Haven't you ever wished you could stop a craving in its tracks?