Flu Food: 10 Recipes to Fight the Cold and Flu

Suffering from the winter virus? We feel you. And if you have yet to be struck by the rampant cold you are probably downing Emergen-C and washing your hands like crazy to keep the...
Dandelion Tea Benefits

Is Dandelion Tea The Secret To A Flatter Stomach?

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Stressed Out? The 12 Foods You Should Be Eating

The healthier options that will calm your nerves once and for all.
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Why a HEPA Vacuum is Vital if You Suffer from Allergies

Dirty air isn’t just a problem for commercial properties. Common allergens such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander and mould can circulate in your home’s air. These can trigger allergic reactions and even start...
Yoga Seated Spinal Twist

5 Yoga Poses for Pain Relief

Many people have false assumptions or preconceived notions about yoga. You do not have to be any certain type of person to enjoy doing yoga. In fact, yoga has so many health benefits that...

How To Get Rid of Allergens In Your Home

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Can Coke Help with Headaches?

Why Are People Drinking Coke To Cure A Headache?

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Heaters makes me sick

Space Heaters Making You Sick?

Is your space heater to blame for dry throat, dry skin, and itchy eyes? Does electric heaters give you headaches or makes you nauseous. Well, maybe. Unfortunately, when we're outdoors, all we want to do...