probiotics bacteria

What Are Probiotics and How They Can Help You?

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that provide numerous health benefits to our bodies. Although people consider bacteria to be harmful germs, there are also good bacteria. The question is how to distinguish between...
fast food tacos

Healthiest Fast Food Menu Options in America

Knowing healthy fast food options can be of help in situations when you are hungry and the only choice you have is fast food. It's true fast food isn’t healthy but it's convenient, inexpensive...
pumpinks seeds fall halloween

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have long been associated with providing essential nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, manganese and healthy fats to our bodies. These edible seeds found inside pumpkins can be eaten raw or roasted. Also known...

6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Crab Sticks

Crabs are among the most delicious and nutritious kinds of seafood. They have a unique exotic taste and considered a premium meal in most restaurants, hence the high price tag. So, when someone came...

The Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard many trainers speaking against drinking alcohol if you want to lose weight. They are probably right. Your body burns alcohol first before burning fat and this slows down fat loss. However,...

Myths about Milk You Should Stop Believing

Since childhood, milk has always played a huge role in our growth. From providing the much-needed calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, milk is considered a complete meal. But, do we need cow milk?...

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Every November, the nation gets the opportunity to celebrate a unique American tradition: Thanksgiving. The celebration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday began in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln declared the day as a...
Health spring roll recipes

10 Unique Healthy Spring Roll Recipes

You know what really gets us in the mood for spring: spring rolls. As the weather gets warmer we start craving lighter foods and even though we are salad obsessed, sometimes we need a new...

Flu Food: 10 Recipes to Fight the Cold and Flu

Suffering from the winter virus? We feel you. And if you have yet to be struck by the rampant cold you are probably downing Emergen-C and washing your hands like crazy to keep the...
Which is Better, coffee or tea

Coffee or Tea – Which One Has The Most Benefits

During winter, nothing comes into the mind of individuals like hot coffee or tea depending on their preference. However, there has been confusion with no conclusion on which is better for health. Despite the...
Dandelion Tea Benefits

Is Dandelion Tea The Secret To A Flatter Stomach?

While the presence of pesky dandelions is usually unwelcome in gardens, they might have a surprising benefit that can help us look and feel our best this summer. For centuries, people have been putting...
Pre Workout Supplements and Nutrition

4 Foods That Can Supplement Your Workouts

Make your meals work hand in hand with your time in the gym.
dr colbert supreme food review

Dr. Colbert Supremefood Review

Good nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. It goes beyond dieting or skipping your favorite treats because they are labelled unhealthy or unfit, it is simply being overall conscious with what you...
fake foods to avoid

7 Foods That Really Aren’t “Food”

The food industry has been lying to you all these years.
are nutrition bars healthy

Are Protein Bars A Healthy Choice?

Is it really such a good idea to reach for one if you want to slim down?
Can popcorn kill you

Will Microwave Popcorn Really Kill You?

Popcorn has always been viewed as a healthier alternative to snacking when compared to chips or cookies. Often paired with a good movie, it is safe to assume that this snack is consumed regularly...

8 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy normally doesn’t come to mind when we go out to eat. For healthy eating, enjoying delicious comforting food can give you a healthy spin which you’ll grow accustomed to love. Sometimes We Feel...