Eating Healthy When Eating Out

Tips for Eating Healthy When Eating Out

For those of us who love to eat healthy we know that going to eat at a restaurant can be difficult. This is because healthy eating at a restaurant can be a challenge. However,...

8 Things Food-Safety Experts Never Eat

By now you’ve heard a lot about the healthy types of food that you should be eating. But what about the foods that might contain dangerous bacteria and actually make you sick fairly quickly?...
Secret Ingredients For Your Healthy Dinner

The Secret Ingredients Your Healthy Dinner is Missing

It’s Time to Make Your Meals Healthy There’s nothing new about healthy eating. It’s just being talked about more today than ever. Cut down on the sodium and fat, slack off on the processed sugar,...
best post workout meals

Great Post-Workout Meals & Snacks

Many people neglect the fact that workout preparation and recovery are just as important than the workout itself. An effective and healthy workout will always consist of an appropriate pre-workout snack and warm up,...
What is in your workout protein supplement

What’s Really In Your Pre Workout Supplements?

As fitness trends change and morph with the times, the use of "pre workout" appears to be on the rise. The purpose of this branch of supplements is to help you be more energized...
Vegan Doner Kebab

Vegan Doner Kebabs: A Healthier Twist On NYC Street-Meat

  A Unique Meatless Doner Kebab Recipe Being a healthy eater doesn't mean missing out on guilty pleasures like say, a doner kebab. This traditional Turkish street dish usually contains beef, lamb or chicken sliced from...
skin vitamins

5 Vitamins You Can Take for Healthy Skin

Everyone wants and needs healthy skin. Not only is it more visually appealing, but having healthy skin helps keep our overall physical health in check as well. Think about what plagues your skin every...

5 Foods That Slow the Skin Aging Process

Our bodies age naturally. It's an occurrence that we spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to slow down, many times with less than satisfying results. Countless products are bought, surgeries are performed and...
fat burner pills

Fat Burner Pills… Do They Really Work?

Often seen on the market, are they really all that helpful?
cut 500 calories

5 Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories A Day

You might just be able to lose 2 pounds a week!