15 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy It’s Cold Outside

If you are in the Northeastern region of the United States right now, we are sure you are relentlessly cursing the cold and snow that have come this way. With reports that record-setting snowfalls will affect the region from January 26-27, many states such as Connecticut and Massachusetts have already issued “travel bans” and  mayors have stressed the importance of staying indoors until the weather subsides.

While we are also here concocting ways to invent a time machine that will transport and deliver us directly into Spring, the truth of the matter is that we have to face the cold weather head-on. As is recommended, we will try to take the good with the bad and make light of the less-than-desirable weather.

Did you know that there are actually some benefits of colder temps? Read on to find out what they are.

1. Curbing Pain

cold health benefits

You know how a painful bruise can almost instantly feel better if you apply an ice pack on it? Similarly, cold weather has actually been shown to alleviate pain as well. Researchers in Finland found that women who were exposed to near-freezing water and cold-body cryotherapy showed three times as much norepinephrine in their system – a naturally occurring chemical that helps the body suppress pain.


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