Crazy Health Tricks That Really Work

Crazy Health Tricks that Really WorkThe secret to staying healthy is by maintaining your ideal weight. After all, obesity is linked with a number of medical condition, which can jeopardize your health and life in the long term. With this in mind, finding and applying effective techniques to promote health is of utmost importance. For instance, these crazy health tricks that really work are designed to help you achieve vitality and longevity – which should be among your priorities in life.

Avoid spending too much time watching TV

There’s nothing wrong with catching some nice shows on TV once in a while, but being a couch potato should never be a part of your daily routine. When you watch too much TV, not only are you wasting several hours of doing nothing, but you may also get into a “pig out mode” as you stay glued on the screen. The next thing you know, you’re already munching on bags of chips, buckets of fries and all those oh-so-sinful junk foods that you should never even store in your pantry. What’s more, watching TV prevents you from doing other useful and worthwhile activities such as exercising, gardening and walking your dog. These simple, yet fun activities help you lose weight and stay healthy instead of sitting around and watching your TV shows.

Wear your thin pants

You probably have your “fat” pants, and then there’s a pair of “thin” pants just stuck somewhere in your closet, right? The best motivation you can get to staying healthy and slimming down is by putting on your thin pants to look thinner instead of walking around in your sweatpants. This technique may seem crazy to you, but there’s nothing that can keep you focused on your weight loss regime than by being conscious about your tummy and how tight your pants get as you eat more.

Use a smaller dinner plate

It only makes sense that if you eat on a large plate, there’s a huge possibility for you to load up than when you use a smaller plate. Since you’re completely aware that there’s plenty of room for food, you may end up eating more than you should. The solution? Grab a smaller plate and bowl each time you eat, so you can cut down the food portion significantly. If you want, you may also get a smaller spoon to avoid taking in a massive amount of food in your mouth. Here are some more tips on how to eat healthy.

Discover the effects of color therapy

Ever wondered why most restaurants use red and orange walls and decors? These colors stimulate the appetite, and they make you want to gobble up more food without even noticing it. On the other hand, cool tones such as green and blue pacify the appetite, and you hardly feel too much hunger when surrounded by these colors. If your dining room is still sporting a nice yellow or orange wall and decor, then it may be time to switch to cooler blues or greens to keep you calm and less prone to overeating.

While these tips may seem crazy and strange, their effects on your health and weight are impressive. So, try these techniques now and discover how these impact your vitality and well-being positively!


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