5 Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories A Day

Everyone knows that if you eat less, you’ll lose weight. But eating less isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Discover our easy 5 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day! Cutting 500 calories a day is enough to lose 2 pounds a week! Now, who doesn’t want to do that?

Make Simple Food Trades

Trade your mixed nuts for pistachios. Two handfuls of pistachios are 159 calories whereas one handful of mixed nuts has 175 calories.

Trade your Frappuccinos for iced coffee or unsweetened iced tea. Anything that you can get with whipped cream, opt out. Full fat dairy products, like whipped cream and whole milk, are loaded with calories and fat. Trade them for skim, or even non-dairy options. Skip the flavored syrup pumps. They are loaded with unnecessary sugar and calories. Instead, if you must sweeten your coffee use low calorie sweeteners.

Trade soda for seltzer or flavored sparkling water and you’ll skip all of the sugar aka empty calories.

Practice mindful eating

Sit at a table and focus on your food and body as you eat. You may be surprised that you feel full faster when you do this versus eating in front of the television. You can eat almost 300 calories more food if you eat in front of the tv, so it is best for your waistline to avoid doing that.

Use smaller dinner plates. 10 inch dinner plates will trick you into eating about 25% less than their 12 inch dinner plate counterparts. This is because we first eat with our eyes. Cleaning your 10 inch plate will make you feel just as full as eating all of the food off of your 12 inch plate, but you will have eaten less.

Remember Your Portions

If you portion out your food on your (10-inch) dinner plate in the kitchen, and then go sit and eat it, you will eat less than if you eat family style with bowls and platters of food in front of you.

Portion out your chips and crackers. A smartly portioned serving will only cost you 140 calories. Eating a whole 9 oz bag on accident will earn you around 1,300 extra calories.

Watch what you put on a salad

Just because it’s green does not mean that it is lean! Cheese, bacon, avocado, nuts, croutons, and dressings are all delicious, but they are full of calories. Instead of loading your salad with all of these caloric options, choose one to grace your lettuce greens. Then, continue topping your salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, or any other low calorie vegetable you desire. Dress your salad with a bit of lemon juice. You’ll get a nutrient blast, a full belly, and have cut several hundred calories.

Opt for Small Indulgences

Whether you eat out or eat in, if you feel the need for dessert, make sure you get a small one. Many restaurants are coming out with mini versions of their desserts for a fraction of the calories as the whole serving. At home, use a small cup for ice cream or indulge in one chocolate square.



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