Dangerous Diets You Shouldn’t Try

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We all know the secret to staying fit and losing some pounds is by eating a balanced diet and regular exercises. Our society has changed and everyday people are trying to come up with a new diet to help in weight loss. Or at least they say it does. You might be convinced that skipping a run and trying one of those diets will work magic, but be careful and avoid those crazy diets such as detox cleanse. People are focused on losing weight so much to an extent they are willing to do unproven and potentially harmful things that can backfire and cause serious health issues. You should not cut calories to fewer than 1200 per day. Below are some of the dangerous diets you shouldn’t try at all costs.

Juice Diets and Detoxes

This includes lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and cabbage juice. Taking these juices for a week supplementing them with fruits and vegetable is a bad idea. You only lose muscle mass and slow down metabolism which is a marker for weight gain. Also, juice diet minimizes water and not fat loss. The muscle loss happens only when you are on the diet. If you go back to the same eating habit as before, you gain every single pound back. Other side effects of such diets are fatigue, dizziness, dehydration, and nausea.

The Cotton Ball Diet

Soaking cotton balls in juices, smoothies or lemonade is a terrible way to lose weight. The cotton balls being sold aren’t cotton, instead, they are bleached polyester fibers which contain numerous chemicals. This is what pieces of cotton are made of and is exactly what you will be eating. Plus, cotton balls fill you up and suppress your appetite. Cotton balls can cause malnutrition since no nutrients are present, could cause choking or lead to buildup and blockages in your intestines. This can be life-threatening if not attended to.

The Tapeworm Diet

People ingest tapeworm eggs to allow the parasite to feed off their extra calorie. Afterward, they ask the doctor to prescribe for them anti-worm medication when they’ve lost the desired amount of weight. However, tapeworms are parasites and feeding them those calories make them grow. Tapeworms on your system is a recipe for disaster. They can cause unfriendly side effects like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fatigue. By allowing tapeworm to stay in your system can lead to intestinal blockage.

The HCG Diet

HCG is an approved treatment for infertility by the Food and Drug Administration. HCG is a hormone released by women during pregnancy and it can be a powerful appetite suppressant. It is taken as a drop or injection, then helps you lose up to 30 pounds in a month due to extreme calories restriction. However, it’s not approved for weight loss and it acts simply as a placebo. This is not a good way to lose weight since you lack other important nutrients in the body and can lead to gallstones, arrhythmia and neurological deficits.

Sleeping Diet

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The theory behind sleeping beauty diet is that you don’t need to eat while you’re asleep. By taking these chemical sleep aids, you’ll be able to sleep off the extra pounds. This can be an extreme way to lose weight and you risk becoming an addict since most sleeping aids are addictive. Additionally, sleeping or staying sedated for multiple days can lead to the risk of muscle deterioration due to lack of movement.

Fasting Diet

Depriving your body the food required for proper functioning for a long period of time can lead to stress, and cause low metabolism which is the opposite of what you want. All forms of fasting diets are bad news and you should stay away from them. These diets make you lose the muscle mass you’ve been working hard for and there are health risks including dizziness, dehydration, and anemia. If that’s not enough, when you are done with fasting you begin fighting increased hunger as your body tends to eat as much as it can. This most likely leads to increased weight which takes you back to where you started.


There are other tested and proven ways of losing weight which is healthy and body friendly. For example, boosting your veggies and fruits intake while reducing the amount of junk could be a safer way. You should also watch your portion size and maintain a well-balanced diet. Don’t risk developing health complication by doing something that is not approved just to lose a few calories. Be informed first since what you might think to be a healthy weight loss diet may turn out to be unhealthy for you.


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