The Truth About Detoxing

Now that everyone is obsessing about Detoxing, you must be wondering whether it’s just another fad or the real deal. In essence, Detoxing refers to the use of certain dietary regimens whose purpose is to flush out toxins in your body hence rebooting your body. As a result, you lose a significant amount of weight within a very short time and, become the healthiest you have ever been. Though this concept is very intriguing, it’s best that you understand everything about it before embracing it.

Making Sense Of Detoxing:

Though Detoxing alleges to help one reset their current metabolism, eliminate toxins present in the body and remove unwanted weight, scientifically, there’s no way anyone, or any living being can make this happen.

Any person who possesses some basic knowledge on human health and anatomy knows that our bodies are designed in such a way that they can naturally ‘detox’ themselves. The body organs involved in this process include the skin, the spleen, the liver, the lungs and the kidneys. Thus, all toxins present in the body are removed from the body in form of sweat, fecal matter, urine and carbon dioxide. However, one can enhance the removal of these toxins by eating healthily and exercising regularly. This being the case, there is no way any given diet can help detox your body more so at a faster speed than the body is naturally programmed to.

Why Detoxing Is Considered Ineffective And Dangerous:

Generally, Detoxing is considered more dangerous than helpful. This is because most of its plans, like the Master Cleanse, require that one consume nothing but cayenne pepper, laxative tea, maple syrup, lemon juice and warm salty water for a whole 10 days. As such, one would be depriving their body of critical nutrients like protein thereby making themselves susceptible to malnutrition. At other times, one’s intestinal walls may get perforations or, they may get blood infections.

So Why Does It Work?

Though one may lose a significant amount of weight when Detoxing, the weight in question is never one’s body fat but rather their water weight. So basically, the weight lost is insignificant. You may have in fact noticed that a majority of people whose success stories prompted you to want to give the detox plan a chance had the same plan backfire on them weeks or months later. Whenever this is the case, one ends up gaining more weight than before and, may probably suffer from some other ailments.

Bottom Line:

Based on the above facts, it’s clear that Detoxing is not just unnecessary but also dangerous. Thus, instead of spending a small fortune trying to flush out the toxins or lose weight in an instant, its better that you invest that money somewhere else, like in buying healthy foods, exercising regularly and ensuring that you get quality sleep. Though the latter will take longer, it’s a lot healthier and effective.

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