The Basics Of Dressing Thinner

The age old rule “black slims” just doesn’t cut it anymore. With summer upon us everyone will be stripping their sweaters and swapping them for crop tops. Does the very idea send a shiver up your spine? Worry not. If you don’t think you’re daisy duke ready, there is a way to look fresh and springy just by manipulating your wardrobe. Best part is, you can look up to ten pounds lighter. So go ahead and enjoy your summer and all the edible treats that come with it. Your clothes will make you look beach ready…even if you aren’t.

Bring Your Separates Together

Sure, when you have separates you want to switch it up. Thats what blue jeans are for right? If you’d like to look five, even ten pounds lighter matching your separates are your best bet. Find a skirt or some slacks that match your top exactly. Go the extra mile and match your socks and shoes. One you are full color you are guaranteed to look five pound lighter. If you want to take your weight loss even further, dress entirely in black. You will look a full ten pounds lighter just by keeping your outfit entirely black. It’s as simple as that! Still, if dressing in all black feels a little bleak for your tastes, put on a pair of sassy shoes. Everyone will think you look stylish and thin. What could be better!

Everything in Balance

You can dress in all black but if you’re separates are out of balance you aren’t going to look any thinner. Before you go putting an outfit together take time to check out your proportions. If you are wearing a full top with a full skirt or pants you’re going to look…well..full. Here is a trick to finding proportions that work for you. Spend a few minutes finding the smallest parts of your body. Enjoy checking out your little ribs, your delicate wrists and dainty collarbone.

Now pick out clothes that show those elements of your body. Show them off and enjoy them with form fitting pieces. Now disguise the bit of your shape you might not feel one hundred percent thrilled with with wide legged pants  or full sleeves. Say you have some awesome stems, flaunt them with a mini skirt but keep it in proportion with a billowy shirt. That way all the attention is on your best feature and no one will even glance at what you feel self conscious of.

Jack Up Your Wardrobe

Finally, invest in a good jacket. If you find a hip-length, tailored jacket you are have invested in the most slimming piece of your wardrobe. No matter what you match with it, this jacket will show off every flattering part of your body. Ignore any jackets with a baggy frame or with too many pockets. These won’t do anything for your figure. A tailored jacket, however, will show off your waist with strong jacket lines that literally whittle away your waistline.



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