6 Secrets to Dressing Slim

It doesn’t matter what size you are, there are fashion mistakes you can make that will cause your body to look bigger than it actually is. Many people make these mistakes because they don’t want to adapt to a new way of dressing as their bodies change over time, and many are closed minded to new or different ideas. No matter the reason, these people would be surprised at how much thinner they looked if they would take into advice these 6 tips for dressing slim.

Wear Clothes That Fit

You might be surprised by how many size 10’s try their hardest to squeeze into a size 8 every chance they get. They go back and forth in the fitting room over and over again and ultimately land on the 8 because they can’t come to grips with the fact that their size 8 days may be over. The result is usually an uncomfortable experience wearing said size 8, with unsightly rolls spilling over the seams and edges. One of the secrets of dressing slim is actually dressing true to size, even if that size is a little bigger. Wearing clothes that are too small for you will only exaggerate the fact that they don’t fit because, well, you’ve gotten bigger. The other side of that coin is wearing clothes that are entirely too big in an effort to hide the weight you’ve gained. This also works against you in other obvious ways.

Vertical Stripes

The eye is a unique thing – it sees what it sees and tells our brain what to think without our brain ever consciously thinking about it. For example, a woman with a larger chest wearing horizontal strips will only draw attention to how wide her upper body is because the lines on her shirt go side to side. On the contrary, if she wears vertical stripes, the onlookers eye goes up and down, which tells the brain that her upper body is longer than it is wider. It’s an illusion, but one that works well given the way our eyes follow shapes and lines.

Shape Wear

Don’t laugh – you’re not above it, no woman is. At one point or another, every woman will be confronted with the choice to either look frumpy and lumpy or slim and put together. The difference? A good pair of Spanx, or some other shape wear. Bodies gain and sag and change over time, so you have to do what you can to give the illusion of being slender. Just buy some, and move on.

One Color

Similar to wearing vertical stripes instead of horizontal, the eye will follow a trend or a line until something breaks it up. People with a little extra weight should be aware that wearing one color will allow the eye line to travel up and down the body without breaking or dividing at the waist with separate colors, which can draw the eye to the midsection and cause the body to look shorter.

Wear Jewelry Strategically

Long, decorative necklaces that draw the eye below the chest will elongate the neck and chest region, which will make you look taller and therefore slimmer. Wearing a shorter necklace with a bold focal point just below the neck will draw the eye to the face and away from the mid-section, which is great for keeping the focus where you want to keep it. Choosing jewelry selectively can make a huge difference!

Wear a Nude Shoe

Whenever you’re wanting to give the illusion that you’re slimmer, elongating the leg is key. By doing that, you’ll make your body look taller and more slender. A great way to elongate the leg is to wear a nude heel, which keeps the eye from cutting the leg off at the ankle. Rather, at a glance, the leg will appear longer and thinner.

Utilizing these tricks for dressing slimmer will help you to look and feel thinner, which will keep you confident and happy with the way you look.




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