Easy Tips to Keep your Rugs Clean

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Keeping your carpet clean can add something extra to a room’s style and décor, plus it will last longer. A properly cleaned and vacuumed carpet smells good, looks good and the whole home takes on a much nicer ambiance. However, carpet cleaning can be difficult at times that’s why you need to involve professionals. Additionally, you need to work on preventing damage to the carpet by avoiding certain habits such as failing to remove your shoes while in the house. Rugs can store microorganisms like mold, pollen particles, and dust particles. That’s why you need to follow these easy steps to keep your rugs clean.

Vacuum More Often

Vacuuming picks up dirt and debris which get caught in carpet easily and can cause carpet damage in the long run. Pay more attention to areas with high traffic by vacuuming them twice a week. Choose the suction-only function in the vacuum cleaner, rather than a rotary brush or upright vacuum cleaner as this can damage rug and cause fiber shedding. You can sprinkle baking soda on the floor prior to vacuuming to get rid of odors and improve your rugs condition. However, test first on a small area to see if it can damage the material.

Deal with Stains Immediately

Whenever you notice a stain, immediately tackle it since stains can leave a permanent mark on your rug which can be very hard to deal with later. You can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda which is an effective way to get rid of the stain quickly.

Caution: never rub a stain as it will smudge all over and get deep inside the rug becoming difficult to clean. Instead, you should just dab with a towel until it’s sparkling clean. Then let the rug dry completely in the sun.

Avoid Shoes On Carpet

Make it a habit to ditch the shoes as soon as you get home, encourage your children and visitors to do the same. Shoes increase the amount of dirt, germs, toxins and mess your clean carpets. Plus, they have a harder tread than slippers which can wear down your carpets faster.

Have Professional Cleaners Clean Your Rugs Occasionally

While vacuuming regularly can leave your carpet in good shape, professional cleaning is also necessary for long lasting carpets. Although it can be pricey, it’s worth and you can have the carpet cleaned at least twice a year. You need to find reputable cleaners by reading reviews of the cleaning company before hiring them. You don’t want to risk damaging your expensive carpet by hiring incompetent people.

Use Freshener Sprays

There’re a variety of sprays you can choose from to give your rug a fresh smell. Invest in sprays which don’t have side effects to the children or even yourself. You can choose a natural scent and ensure to spray twice a week. Also, mixing the freshener with your favorite oil, borax or baking powder can be a great idea.

Have All Sources of Stains Away from the Rug and Train Pets as Well

The easy way to deal with stain is by preventing them from occurring. Avoid bringing wine, tea, or food near the carpet unless it’s necessary. Encourage your children to play away from the carpet. In the case of pets, train your pet to urinate outdoors or use repellants on the rug to keep pets away.

Avoid Rug Powder Products

Powders can leave traces of residue on the carpet especially if you overuse them including damaging the rug. Stick with baking soda as a way of removing odor and stay away from any other commercial powder. If the stain doesn’t come out with baking soda, you can involve professional cleaners for better solutions.

Rotate The Rug

To ensure your rug wears off evenly, you need to keep rotating it once in a while. This ensures equal distribution of wear from traffic and fading throughout the rug and not concentrated in a specific area.


The secret to a long lasting rug is the care and cleanliness you offer. So now that you have the tips necessary to keep your rug clean and looking new, ensure you follow them. In addition to that, you can replace the vacuum’s filter and bag regularly to keep it in a good working state. Failure to change them regularly will cause your vacuum to lose suction and fail to effectively pick up dirt. Further, you can keep a mat at all exterior doors to help reduce dirt in the house. Your visitors and children can wipe off their feet before they get into the house.

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