What Happens to Your Face When You use Expired Makeup

Makeup is something that can be found in almost every woman’s vanity. Powder, matte, liquid – women often have multiple types and shades of foundation.  They like to have a perfect blush, and mascara that gives them the perfect long, luscious lashes.  However, many women hang onto makeup for far too long. Every cosmetic used to contour and accentuate faces has an expiration date. Though this date is on every piece of makeup, it is seldom heeded.  But it can have consequences that you may not recognize until it’s already started to affect you.

Makeup has an expiration date for a reason.  Among the most obvious cosmetic signs, your makeup will simply not be as effective. You may notice the foundation looks dry, flaky, or lumpy as you put it on.  It no longer looks natural; it looks like you’ve painted your face. Mascara gets clumpy and you start to look like you have very scary rag doll eyelashes. While this is a great look for Halloween, clumpy mascara doesn’t need to be seen at any other time. Lipstick looks flaky and may crack on your lips, making it more likely to smear and breaking up a vibrant smile. In addition, your skin may sunburn if your foundation had SPF – that doesn’t last forever either, and won’t protect you from the sun’s harsh rays after a certain amount of time.

When you let your makeup sit for too long, you are asking for health issues as well. Makeup will actually begin to break down, with molecules morphing into a variety of different compounds – some of which you can react to. It also because a warm, very inviting place for bacteria (those brushes and your fingers don’t help this matter, either). This mixture of molecule break down and bacteria build up can lead to things like inflammation, rashes, bumps, and acne on your face. In your eyes, this can lead to more severe things like bumps along the lash line, inflammation, and infections ranging from forms of dermatitis to pink eye. Who wants to deal with that trouble?

Fortunately, these issues are very easy to avoid. All you have to do? Replace your makeup! Each bit of makeup is slightly different.  For example, eyes are more sensitive, so you want to replace mascara every 3 months. Eyeliner can be replaced up to 6 months after first use. This will prevent you from coming down with any infections or painful eye problems. Blush, eye shadow, and foundation need to be replaced at least once a year. Lipstick can go the longest, at an optimal life of one and a half years. The great thing about this, is that by replacing your make up on a regular basis, you get to continue protecting your skin by keeping it healthy and largely bacteria – free, and you can also switch your makeup to match the season. You can constantly keep a fresh, unique faces that never gets predictable or boring.

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