What’s EZ Water and How Does It Work?

Dehydration is a serious problem considering that your body is 70 percent water. That’s why you’re advised to drink plenty of water each day to keep your cells hydrated. Speaking of water, researchers are still debating whether or not the type of water you drink affects your overall health and wellbeing. From Alkaline water to distilled water to hydrogen water, expert have different opinions. However, that’s a discussion for another day. Today, we’re discussing a new type of water called EZ water. So, what is it and is it beneficial to our health? Keep reading to find out.

What Is EZ Water?

For a long time, scientists thought that water existed only in three forms: liquid, solid, and steam (vapor). It turns out, there’s a fourth form known as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water or structured water, at least according to Gerald Pollack, Ph. D. author of “The Fourth Phase of Water Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor”. EZ (Exclusion Zone) water is not the typical water that you’re used to. It’s found in our cells and is said to exist in the form between solid and liquid (think of honey). Its main function is to supply power to mitochondria cells to give your cells more power.

So, how is EZ water formed?

According to Dr. Gerald and his team, EZ water is formed when water is exposed to infrared light, specifically 1200 nanometer (nm) wavelength light. The water molecules then absorb the infrared light and begin to vibrate. As you might be aware, water is one of the elements with the strongest bonds. Because of this, the water molecules start to transfer the vibration from one water molecule to another. Eventually, the water molecules stabilize, becoming viscous and dense. At this stage, it forms what is called EZ water, which stores energy in the form of a negative charge, ready to deliver to needy cells.

It goes without saying that the more EZ water your body contains, the more energy you can store for your cells to use.

Benefits of EZ Water Anti-Aging Properties

Anything that can slow down the aging process is worth the try. And, it happens that EZ water can. This is due to its antioxidant properties that protect your cells from free radicals, hence slowing down cellular degradation.

Protein Folding

Did you know that proteins can only function optimally if they are folded properly? Since they are needed by your cells for survival and performance, proteins are very important to the human body. Studies show that EZ water supports protein folding, hence boosting their functionality. As a result, your body functions better and you become more efficient. If protein unfolds, you might experience issues like inflammation, degraded brain function, slow muscle recovery, and skin aging. According to researchers, EZ water binds to proteins, helping them to recover from lost functionality.

Energy Boost

Like we mentioned earlier, EZ water transfers energy to your mitochondria, which are the “powerhouses” of your cells, helping them to generate more energy. With more powerful cells, your body’s energy production receives a boost, energizing your whole system.

Can Your Body Generate More EZ Water?

Armed with information about EZ water and its benefits, how can you create more EZ water?

1. Blend Water

As much as this might sound strange and ridiculous, blending water partly turns regular water into EZ water. Dr. Gerald Pollack, the scientist who discovered EZ water, says that water absorbs vibrational energy when you blend it. While this might not form the viscous water like the one in your cells, you get a small percentage of EZ water. Try it today, simply put water in your blender and run it for 30 seconds or so. You might just have created your own EZ water.

2. Drink Raw Vegetable Juice or Fresh Spring Water

If you drink raw vegetable juice frequently, you might up your intake of EZ water. According to Dr. Gerald, EZ water forms naturally in vegetables and blending them creates the vibrational energy that binds water molecules together, forming EZ water. The same case can be said of pure spring water although more research is required for conclusive results.

3. Spend Time in Infrared Sauna

Remember when we said EZ water is formed when water is exposed to infrared? It turns out, spending more time in infrared sauna allows you to absorb concentrated EZ water. As a result, muscle recovery and tissue repair are speeded up.

Bask Naked in the Sun

Sunlight emits infrared light, which creates EZ water naturally. Exposing your entire body to the sun is a great way to form lots of EZ water, plus you get other benefits of sunlight like vitamin D. Spending time in the sun puts your skin in direct contact with sunlight, forming EZ water in your cells. However, take care not to get sunburned due to staying too overexposure.

Final Thoughts

The science behind exclusion zone (EZ) water is still developing and more research is required to support these findings. Luckily, you can get EZ water naturally without intrusive methods or medication, which makes it safe to try out. After all, who doesn’t want to have young beautiful skin naturally while spending time in infrared saunas? Meanwhile, keep drinking regular water for the same trusted benefits that we’ve grown up knowing.

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